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Thread: *Ideas* Zerg's breeds archive

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    Default *Ideas* Zerg's breeds archive

    Oh well, It looks like we will die if we don't get an update soon. I hope this may give you guys a little push and a new topic to discuss.

    Basically, I will post different Zerg creatures from time to time. Most of these new breeds of zergs are pointed at the campaign not multiplayer. Feel free to add suggestions or post breeds of your own.

    Zerg: Hollowlisk (Garmbreed)

    Attack type: Melee, bonus vs armored.
    Speed: Fast while unburrowed, slow while burrowed.
    Evolves from: Hydralisk

    Burrow: Unit gains the following while burrowed: Attack, +2 armor.

    Dig: Unit may move while burrowed.

    Attack description: Unit moves untill at melee range from target. Unit pops its armored side out of the ground to attack the target. If the unit stops attacking it becomes unvisible again.

    Acid Coat: Unit now moves at midium speed while burrowed.
    Benefits from zerg melee upgrade and zerg carapase.

    After destoying Daggoth's followers, Kerrigan assimilated its foes memories in order to obtain knowledge of the cerebrates and even Daggoth's creature assimilation interests. The Garmbreed was the family of zergs created with this knowledge.

    The Hollowlisk, is a powerful zerg with the capability to dig through the toughest terrains. Its front extremities and head have addapted to breaking and making a path through the terrain. While, the units tail has evolved into a flexible muscle that pulls ground away from the sides while tunneling.

    Its strong muscles also give it a powerful melee attack. This unit may overwhelm a squad of maraunders in no time, while it may burrow again to avoid their powerful firepower. After encounters with this deadly creatures, terran outposts ordered their tanks to siege only if a seismic activity detector was active nearby.


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    Default Re: *Ideas* Zerg's breeds archive

    Its a peek a boo lurker

    I could see this being a killer way to rape the economy of the other players.
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    Its an idea, I'll give you that, It could work well for strategy, but can it attack while above ground?

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    Guess it could, but it would get a penalty of some sort. I mainly though of it walking on its arms while not burrowed, due to its specialized tail. While it can arc up if the other half of his body is burrowed.

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    I don't mind this unit replacing the lurker, really.
    Find Humanity ... Assimilate ... Learn ... Evolve.

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    So it's a a slow moving melle unit, that can only attack while burrowed? I think this unit would be realy easy to out micro with any ranged unit, due to it's slow movement speed and melle atack
    Nice pic, did you draw it?
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    Okay here is my go at it

    Zerg: Impaler (Garmbreed)

    Attack type: Ranged , Splash medium range, ground targets only
    Speed: medium to fast
    Evolves from: Roach


    Attack description:
    When the unit atacks, it fires spikes from it's back all around itself in every direction, damaging all units that are in 3 range or closer to it, (like the banelings AOE attack). Does full splash damage to all units that are in range.

    Black spores - when fireing spikes from it's back the unit also launches spores in the air in all directions, which makes the unit harder to be targeted by ranged atackers( all ranged units have only half the atack range against this unit)

    Apearance: A turtle roach dragon hybrid in apearance , with hundreds of nasty spikes on it's armored large back

    And yeah i know i made a double post
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    Default Re: *Ideas* Zerg's breeds archive

    omg i'm gonna make one

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    Quote Originally Posted by screw_ball69 View Post
    Its a peek a boo lurker

    I could see this being a killer way to rape the economy of the other players.
    Actually, why not completely invert the Lurker? Just think...

    Immobile on the surface but moves reasonably fast while burrowed (maybe with cliff climb?). When it unburrows, it attacks from long range with linear splash damage.

    It's a freaking cloaked-while-moving Siege Tank!!

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    I think that making the Hollowlisk move fast while burrowed would make for a pretty fun unit; something like the Zerg counterpart to the Dark Templar, but with a twist, since they automatically reveal themselves by attacking (so they may reasonably be much tougher than the DT hitpoint and damage-wise without disrupting the game's balance).

    Also like the ideas of the inverted Lurker and the Black Spores ability for the Impaler.

    And since this is a thread for Zerg unit ideas, I'm reposting here one of mine from a few months back that went overlooked (I still think it has some merit):

    Zerg Chimaera

    Flying Spellcaster

    190 HP
    200 Energy (250 with upgrade)

    Requires: Lair, Greater Spire and an additional building called Chimaera Incubator.

    Cost: around 100 Minerals and 200 Gas.

    Appearance: The Chimaera is serpentine in appearance but with a number of tendrils and tentacles sprouting out of its body and writhing in the most unprepossesing manner. Large leathery wings, slightly tattered and very spiky. It also has an odd number of seprentine heads (three) sporting an odd number of tiny compund eyes as well as small sharp horns. Two particularly long and thin tentacles have at their ends bulbous swellings ending in sucking, toothy lamprey like mouths.

    Abilities -

    Polyp: Attaches a parasitic polyp to any unit with energy. The polyp sucks in 2 energy points and 1 health point per second, lasting until the victim is fully drained of energy, at which point the polyp falls off and dies. It can be killed by any nearby friendly unit by means of ordering it to attack the victim (the attack harms only the polyp, as long as it is alive). Cost: 50 Energy.

    Acid Spores: Lays down a permanently burrowed egg that explodes beneath the feet of the enemy releasing a cloud of contagious acidic spores that quickly spread in a domino like fashion from one unit to the next in a relatively short span of time (around 5 seconds). The bigger and more bunched together a group of units is, the more get infected. Quickly scattering the group as far and wide from each other as possible helps keep most units from getting infected (tho' this'll require some deft micro). Once infected a unit loses 5 HP per second to the cumulative effect of 100 HP, however, a unit cannot die from the spores so any unit with 100 HP or less will stop receiving damage once its HP reaches 1. Does not affect Air Units. Cost: 100 Energy.
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