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Thread: Another Macro Idea : Special Resource (needs a name)

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    2) Using Resource
    There are plenty of good ideas for this one. Anything from special high-power upgrades to energy/shield transfer. I don't think it should be used for units directly, though.

    If it is to be a real resource, then each race should have at least 2 independent abilities that inexhaustibly use the resource. That is, use it for something that you will never run out of. If you need this for, as I suggested, Level 2 and 3 upgrades, you will eventually run out of upgrades to research. At which point, acquiring more of the resource is useless. However, if you can also use it to create energy for spellcasters, then you have something that will be useful throughout the game. You obviously may not need it constantly, but you should be able to use it.

    Another possible usage could be for throwing off timings. Have it able to increase the production speed of a building in progress. This might be too powerful in the Zerg's hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicol Bolas View Post
    It is important, and it does have its own uses. Gas is acquired in a different way from minerals. There are a few mineral-only units, but these are generally low-tier that can be defeated by teching. All upgrades require gas, and all advanced buildings require gas.

    This separates it from minerals and makes it distinct.
    What you are mentioning are limitations, not uses. Gas provides additional limitations to units, buildings, and upgrades. Gas does not provide additional uses for anything. The only use that gas provides is the ability to further limit access to certain units, buildings, and upgrades in the game.

    If the limitation wasn't needed, minerals would absolutely provide everything that gas can provide. Rather than add 40 gas requirement, you add like 100 minerals as a requirement.

    Gathering the resource in a different way is not a use either.

    Every resource in the game provides additional limitations. Here are the limitations:

    1) Minerals - Limits your ability to build, upgrade, or research
    2) Gas - Limits your ability to build, upgrade, or research (aside from mineral only units and buildings)
    3) Build time - Limits the speed in which units are put on the battle field.
    4) Supply - Limits the amount of units you can have on the battle field at one time.

    Yes, three out of the four of these do provide a benefit from gaining more, therefore they are considered a resource. However, the use of the resource is irrelevant if the game could be played without them. It's the limitations in the use of these resources that really shape how the game is played.

    If supply wasn't there, I could simply build an endless amount of units as long as I had the resources for it... Then, if resources weren't there, I could easily and quickly create massive armies without having to actually work for it, only wait for the build times... After you remove the build times, you have successfully removed all limitations on playing starcraft, and additionally ruined the entire point of resources and other mechanics in the game...

    The point is to limit you to having to work to get what you want. None of the resources actually have a use other than being a limitation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicol Bolas View Post
    Your resource is used for exactly one feature of the game. It does nothing but that one thing. The presence or absence of gas fundamentally changes the nature of the game. The presence or absence of Resource X does not.

    That's like saying that minerals are a resource that has only ONE use: building stuff. Considering that units are over half of the things in the game that take resources, and units are required for victory, I'd say that it has a lot of uses. It is certainly not as simplistic as what you're proposing.
    I wanted the resource to be used for one feature in the game to begin with, because that would ease a new resource into the game, as well as be much more appealing to blizzard to implement in a game very close to the end of its development. The next 2 games are where blizzard can increase its need in the game.

    However, at the end of the day, It doesn't provide a use, it provides an additional limitation. The limitation is just much better than the one which forces you to go back to your base and click twice every X amount of time.  6

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