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Thread: If YOU made an MMO......

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    Question If YOU made an MMO......

    ......what would it be like?

    Mine would be a Sci-Fi MMORTS, where you play the part of a mercenary commander who travels the galaxy purchasing equipment, upgrades, and abilities for his militia. You could go on minor missions to earn a reputation and some cash, but you could also take part in a major interstellar war. In a very rough sense it would play out a lot like WoW, but instead of a single character you control an entire army. Dungeons and quests would be replaced with missions, campaigns, and entire operations. The battlefields would be enormous, allowing multiple militias to play co-op or even PvP.

    Seeing as MMORTS is a very young MMO type, I think it has a lot of potiential.
    I secretly hope for Blizzard to experiment with it.
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    Dinosaur MMO.

    'Nuff said.

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    Mine would be called:

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    I feel like I've played 'Outside' before, you sure it hasn't been done?

    Seriously though, I'm sure everyone's tired of me spouting Science Fantasy nonsense by now, so I'll do it one more time and then its back to the old off topic one liners and arguing with people. I'm thinking Science Fantasy MMOFPS where technology is replaced/powered by magic, every person has some energetic talent, which increases with level. A starting character barely has enough magic to power an assault rifle, but as your level increases you gain the ability to power more complex weapons, vehicles, and spells. There'd probably be some kind of rudimentary elemental separation to distinguish class... , pretty much fully stereotypical as far as elemental stuff (air can fly, earth is tougher, water heals, fire um... is red) As far as weapons go, each element affects the guns differently (since they draw power form the player's magic reserves the ammunition is enchanted for as long as the weapon is held by the player, wind bullets shoot faster, fire bullets have an incendiary effect... stuff like that) Of course there are space ships and stuff... Gameplay wise I'm thinking Call of Duty/Gears of War with intermittent vehicles and space battles.

    I'm done now, and I copyright all this crap just in case someone actually thinks its a good idea.

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    Something with an action-based rather than RPG-based combat system (but not too twitch-gameplay reliant). Perhaps an FPS? But still retaining an experience system and abilities for different character classes. A serious mediaeval style MMO with magic and wizards would be fun. Not tongue in cheek and colourful like WoW is and not sparkly and anime-ish like most of the "fantasy" stuff out there but something grim, gritty and perhaps grounded in Norse mythology or something similarly appropriate (basically more like Tolkien's stuff really is, so many things are call'd "Tolkien-esque" that have little to no resemblance whatsoever to LotR or the Silmarillion*, WoW is one of them; or perhaps something like Glen Cook's Black Company series). I'd like to work on a game where the game-play system of using magic and spells is closely linked to the lore explanation and "real" in-universe mechanics of magic, such a game could be an MMO. Also worth considering is the writing of story and lore specifically for an MMO, it's not something I've thought too much about, but here WoW is definitely something to learn from, mistakes as well as sucesses.

    Another thing that'd be fun to make is a mecha MMO where you build and customise your own mech. That's one idea that's been kicking about in my head for quite some time now.

    *No, elves don't make a story resemble LotR, there are divers many ways to do elves, and no one does it quite like Tolkien did, or hit on the themes he does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemolitionSquid View Post
    Dinosaur MMO.

    'Nuff said.
    yessss. The guy who made fable iirc was supposed to release one but the game was scrapped.

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