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Thread: Story space for Zerg and Protoss campaigns

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    The story space for each campaign will likely shift from one locale to another. I highly doubt it will be static for the duration of the missions. We already know Raynor begins his campaign in a dusty old bar, then the bridge of the Hyperion.

    I'm in favor of story space for the Zerg as being Kerrigan's mindscape, though that may prove too nebulous. Hives, infested Command Center or Battlecruiser, or even infested Protoss structures.

    The Protoss campaign is more likely to engage in a mental landscape than the Zerg. Mothership and Shakuran citadel are also likely candidates.

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    I bet it'll mostly take place on the Void Seeker.
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    People changes have been made and currently raynor is not the poor, wrecked dude he was on the anouncement, currently he is the mayor resistance against the dominion XD.

    Zeratul and kerrigan(s) are the characters of their own stories.

    Apparently the tables have shifted between protoss and terran (Raynor is no deciding what to do, or fight the dominon like a hero or get aid from the villians; and zeratul is the poor dude that is looking for a mayor force he can lead to his archelogical findings.

    I expect a similar space for all 3 races but with minor changes (instead of the armory, on the zerg you are going to take a deep trip to Kerrigans swarm mind, and look at a titanic glowing green brood tree that will show u upgrades and units.)

    AS Kerrigan you might worry about your "more inteligent" minions, such as the queens; worry about zeratul's discoveries and fight back Duran that came back questioning your rule. o and i almost forgot, take care of "Jimmy" in some way.

    AS Zeratul you might worry about your "new friends" "old friends" and the fact that u are the only one that knows what the crap is going on. Probably on his space you will buy units or get them by amounts (not infinite) at start you will have an army of 300 zealots, 100 dts , 200 stalkers, and a few kalai protoss. Then you would go in mission and lose 23 zealots and 9 dts. To find 100 imortals and several fenix. Though upgrades would be permanent as well as the buildings
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    I'd give the Zerg a story space that would be more like in the mind. Lots of cloud thingies, mental projections, stuff in those lines. For the starmap, it will have to have a feel of like one-leader/dictator-esque appeal. Like, there's all these stuff you know, but will have to click to get more detailed action/info.

    For Zerg interaction, it may have to be com-link style. Kerrigan can come aboard the hyperion in one instance, for example. I don't think we'll get a "human" kind of theme/feel in this regard.

    For the Protoss, it'll most likely be of that artwork where protoss are hovering around. Did that artwork depict a twilight council interior?

    Well, okay, that could be one area you could "warp" into, while having this completely different area (say, Executor's Citadel area) that would be like the Hyperion main area counterpart.

    I'd definitely want a Protoss starmap that would take inspiration from that recent AvP movie. Man, when that Pred's throne-like chair rotates and all this things happen -- you get the point.

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