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Thread: StarCraft Midway

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    Default StarCraft Midway

    Hey guys!

    I have been working for some time now on a project called "After Omega".
    It was a camapaign created with my great partner - Zero(who is also your deathly Super Moderator and SC:L Staffer ).

    The purpose of this camapign was to create a storyline that tells the story of what happened right after the omega mission that concludes the BroodWar E.pack.
    We have worked for some time and created 8 missions which some of them have already been revealed to the public of StarCraft Universe - my own forum and BlizzForums.
    Now it is time to bring the project to the big screen - SC:L!
    Let's face it, StarCraft Legacy is one of, if not, the most popular SC related websites around the internet.
    altough most of the work on this project and other related projects, takes place on my own forum, I found Blizzforums and SC:L to be a great working environment, seeing as my own forum is still in development.

    Lately, though, Activity on my own forum had been diminished since I wasn't there to take care of it - The inevitable real life circumstances, catch us all..
    Now, however, since I returned to be active as I used to, I came with a rather ingenious Idea to revive my project and to actually draw in more attention to my projects!

    I present to you:

    StarCraft Midway

    This is the original announcement I made back at SCU When I just Unveiled the Idea and today since I found out I have lots of beta testers to count on - I can actually get to work on it!

    Hey guys!
    As of today, 25th of october 2008, StarCraft Universe will be taking on a massive project called StarCraft I and a half.

    The project would include 4 campaigns, starting with SCU's current project, The After Omega Camapign, as the first camapign of the release.

    The goal of StarCraft I and a half is to show what happens between the Omega battle and until StarCraft II starts from our point of view.

    As said before, the first campaign of the release will be the Current AO project, followed by 3 completely new campaigns, 1 for each race.
    Our knowledge of SC2's Storyline is short but as time passes by more info will be released and would help developing the campaign further from what we know now.

    To make this Project a success I will receive as much help as I can get.
    What does that mean for you? It means I'm looking for Beta Testers and map makers!

    Hoping for a successful project,

    SCU Administrator and Founder
    These are the names of my former Beta Testers:
    Death, DoomGaze(if he's still around), Krishna, Omega20, Phalanx, Skyfoxx, SomeFella.
    If you want to be included in the beta for the whole campaign, contact me again since I havn't heard from you in a while...

    These are the names of the new Beta Testers:
    RainbowToeSocks, sandwich_bird, Medzo, Praetor_Ixab, loath42 and Visions of Khas.

    If you want to be included in the list just contact me via PM.
    In this main thread I will put together the list of all the missions in all 4 camapigns that are in development, see campaigns below:

    After Omega Campaign:

    1. Old Aquaintances - Available to Download.
    2. UED Eradication - Available to Download.
    3. The Crossing - Available to Download.
    4. Kerrigan's Discovery - Beta Testing.
    5. Colony Defense - Beta Testing.
    6. Cleansing of Shakuras - Beta Testing.
    7. Zeratul's Quest - Beta Testing.
    8. Dominion's Rising - In Development.

    Zerg Campaign: The Ancestral Mission:

    To Be Announced.

    Protoss Campaign: Awakening:

    To Be Announced.

    Terran Campaign: Rise and Fall:

    To Be Announced.

    Stay Tuned as we make progress and join us if you like!
    you may PM me at any given time or catch me at either my forum or via E-mail - Feedback AND criticism are both appreciated.


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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    Sweet. Imma try out the ones that are available to download =D

    As I am the first and obvs best Beta tester :P just send me a PM with what ever map you want tested. I'm sure they'll be awesome.

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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    Send me your email via PM and I'll send them to you.


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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    Looks like a lot of fun, Xeo! I played the first mission and I'm going to try the second later on tonight. Lemme know which maps you want tested.
    You represent what is greatest in us all, and all our hopes go with you. EN TARO ADUN, brave Sons of Aiur!

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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    Like I said
    Anyone who wants the beta maps just send me your email through a PM



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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    Well I just finished playing through Kerrigan's Discovery and Zeratul's Quest and I gotta say, they were pretty awesome

    One thing that bugged me was that in Kerrigan's Discovery I found one beacon before another one and it didnt do anything since it was out of order
    if you could change it so it doesnt matter which order you do them in, thatd be good

    Good stuff

    And who did that Durans laugh!? was that a sound clip from something or did you guys record it yourselves?

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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    actually about the beacon we won't be changing that cause you have to get them all in order.
    and about the laugh....


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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    Update: Please be aware that the Project is no longer called StarCraft I and a Half.

    The New name is:

    StarCraft Midway


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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    Nice name!

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    Default Re: StarCraft I & a half

    Thank you


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