I'm loving this particular song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF5mf4LV7Jw
Good stuff I like it

I've been listening to chiptune music and more game soundtracks. I kinda wish there would be more artists that compose songs with the same kind of structure as a chiptune song but with better quality synths/samples. That NES sound is repetitive after a while. Prefer stuff like:


You could argue that some of these songs are just another genre I guess. Like the megaman song could be considered metal with a synth in the lineup but tbf, the typical electro-metal band don't structure their songs like a game soundtrack. There's not as much emphasis on that memorable theme/motif/lead. Or, if anything, it is replaced by the singer's voice and the few instrumental pieces are just not the same. Best I could find so far is this guy:


who makes soundtrack for imaginary games lol.