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Thread: Ishkur's Guide

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    Default Ishkur's Guide

    Okay, so I like electronic music, and I'm going to force you to share in it.

    Although some of you might have heard of this before. If not, you'll hear about it now. Apparently my favorite kinds of music are IDM and Worldbeat.
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    I'll bite, any artists/songs you recommend? Never really heard of IDM. Not sure about worldbeat either.

    On my side, I listen to a lot of chill-out/new age music (I think that's where it fall anyways). Artists like: Carbon Based Lifeforms, Cell, HUVA Network, Sundial Aeon, Aes Dana, Scann-Tec, etc. It helps me concentrate. I've been listening to some Vaporwave/hardvapor too lately. Idk the artists much though. Just random spotify playlists. Otherwise, for faster stuff, I really like whatever the Unreal Tournament 99 soundtrack is lol. I've been trying to find music like that forever. I guess it's a mix of mostly trance with techno and industrial?

    EDIT: man that site is great. I've heard a lot of these genres before but didn't know they had their own classification. I see now that UT had a lot of atmospheric jungle though that's not too much my thing
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    Lol, you'd probably cross over to worldbeat pretty well. They're more or less interchangeable, as far as tastes go. I imagine you've heard of Delerium, but Blue Stone is likewise a good band. As far as IDM goes, you need to look into Plone, Plaid, and Bibio. Plone especially. I particularly like their song "On my Bus". As for Bibio, their album Phantom Brickworks sounds absolutely perfect for you. Particularly their song Capel Calyn, which is apparently a song dedicated to a village in Wales that got flooded to use as a reservoir for Liverpool.

    I also listen to Infected Mushroom, but they're not so much of a studying band, except for their earlier albums.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, Ishkur is a DJ, and he's made lots of music mixes. You can reach him on twitter, if you want.
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    oh man Phantom Brickworks is amazing stuff! I feel like I'm in Silent Hill; just how I like it XD I'll definitely be listening to this and your other suggestions on repeat while I work.

    lol vicious delicious is one of the last cd I bought. Used to listen to the song Artillery on repeat way back. I haven't really kept up with Infected Mushroom though. I'll have to look at their newer albums.

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    Lol, Infected Mushroom is something else these days. They're the kind of guys that don't stick to one particular sound for very long. Uh, since Vicious, Legend of the Black Schawarma (sp?) is good, particularly if you already like VD. Army of Mushrooms scared off the fans for some reason, but it's not as bad as they make it seem. I would recommend listening to Send me an Angel and their cover of Riders on the Storm, if nothing else. Converting Vegetarians II was kinda schizo in terms of quality, but I'm kind of obsessed with their song Animatronica. Return to the Sauce is solid, but the second half is far better than the first.

    Their latest album, Head of Nasa and the two Amish Boys, while not garbage, is their final descent into mainstream, unfortunately. The first four songs sound like one long track, their Walking on the Moon is derivative in more than one way from a Police song of the same name (love the Police), the next song is forgettable, and the last song (when translated) has some of the most banal, pseudo-intellectual lyrics I've ever seen. Super disappointed.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like my suggestions. Uh, if you listen to Blue Stone, I recommend their album Pandora's Box. It's their instrumental. Their other albums have sort of girly, new age-y vocals, which I'm into, but maybe you're not. They're nothing terribly weird, but it's a thing.
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    I've been listening to IM latest 3 album today. It's alright so far but one thing I'm not a fan of is the tone of the bass they use. I find it a bit too clean personally. Nothing specific against the notes so far though but I am paying half-attention to it.

    I'll check Pandora's box after I'm done with all the IM stuff.

    Edit: Animatronica is pretty good, I can see why you like it. Army of mushrooms is not on the canadian spotify :@ Pandora's Box reminds me of another artist I like called Amethystium and also Donkey Kong country music lol which is very good. For the other albums, I have mixed feelings about the voices. Kinda hit or miss depending on the song
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    Yeah, IM's latest albums are more catchy than transcendental. I'm very sad about it. Huh, I've only listened to a little Amesthystium. I need to try more of them.

    Lol. Blue Stone's quality does depend pretty hard on how much you can tolerate New Age sounds.
    "Seeing Fenix once more perplexes me. I feel sadness, when I should feel joy."
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    For ame, I'd recommend the aphelion album if you haven't already heard it.

    I gotta say this track is pretty good at 1:50

    I started listening to Lorn a lot. He has some "interesting" videos to say the least:
    Great stuff! That art style is something

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    Default Re: Ishkur's Guide

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Something went wrong with the site.

    Seduction is a pretty good track, but it's not one of my favorites for the album. Then again, I tend to view it as a whole rather than individual tracks. As for Lorn...the music is okay, but that video is distracting. Not really a fan.

    I took a brief dip into more mainstream stuff, and I have to say, I'm loving this particular song here:
    "Seeing Fenix once more perplexes me. I feel sadness, when I should feel joy."
    - Artanis.

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    Default Re: Ishkur's Guide

    Can't believe I'd barely graced on chill electronic music. Added AME and Phantom Brickworks to some of my work playlists.

    I'm going to start using this guide.

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