Now I am sharing our experience with you for my hair transplant surgery…

First I am thanks to DermaClinix and surgeons of dermaclinix, who provide me best solution for my hair loss problem..

Before some years ago, when I was 20 years old, I am suffering from hair loss problem day by day and upset for hair loss problem in those days… my friends irritates me for my hair loss problem….. then I am travel in a metro and I see someone carry hand bag of DermaClinix, and on that mention hair transplant and skin clinic, then I am asking to that person, why you carry that bag, then they give me some information about DermaClinix, he said to me I had done transplant from DermaClinix and they give me some information about hair transplantation and give me number of DermaClinix.

After few days I am searching about DermaClinix on google and visit website of DermaClinix, then I see some results for hair transplantation results, all results are impressive, then I am visit to DermaClinix and get free consultation of hair transplantation, after consultation i am deciding for hair transplant surgery with B.E.S. T method by Dr. Kavish Chouhan, he is the director of DermaClinix and best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Now I am looking very smart and handsome…

Thanks for DermaClinix and Dr. Kavish Chouhan, they give to me best solution for my hair loss problem.

If anyone suffer from hair loss problem an looking for hair transplant clinic, then I am recommend to DermaClinix, it is the best clinic for hair transplant in Delhi. ….

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