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    after seeing these materials I have thinking in a few possibilities

    the possibility of a future starcraft of remastered starcraft 2
    (maybe official or product of a mod)
    either using the heroes of storm models, which look more defined, or even taking the cinematic models only by reducing the limit of units

    good has spoken of stracraft 3 at the level of history as soon as what could be expected at the game level could aspire to something more immersive, for me the ideal starcraft could emerge to focus on a more tactical level, could resume the mechanics of "Dwan of war "of system of squadrons zones of landings as in" Empire of war "in a mix building production and a economy similar to Universe at war recycling (as in the WoL mission where we met scrap), plus the traditional mining industry, and the use of more realistic maps maintaining the great appeal of starcraft is quite defined units and defining style of play of each race and fast death
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    I'm of the mind that SC should split space combat and ground combat like Empire at war (as you somewhat mentioned) with an ecomonic style more like the "Awakening of the Rebellion" Mod which makes everything expensive until the proper infrastructure is built.

    But that's just my take on what an SC3 should be, they can't do anything with the current gameplay (as SC2 made it shit imo) and even going back to an SC1-esque system would be redundant.

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