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    As someone waiting for starcraft ghost, I asked myself what a good shooting game would be like, and to rescue the essence of the factions in the process, it occurred to me that while the protoss work perfectly in the manner of kratos or any given solitary fighter that are psychically coordinated and their physical power, however the mechanics runs without coordination or take coverage seems to me something that takes me out of the game, I have the idea to make it more tactical with the imitation of starwar republic comando where it is assigned 3 allies (ia) to make our subordinates and give them indications with positions in the field of coverage we could choose our configuration of squad marauder fierabat medic + marine and maintain the superiority numeric against strength as the protoss. While the zerg will launch waves or take control of a minion within these waves to join point to deploy more dangerous strains

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    I always felt like Planetside 2 would be a good basis for a StarCraft FPS

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    I guess I could work for the terrans I do not know how to handle the faction in this game , some mechanics that could differentiate between the faction difference obviously the protoss to give it more immersive touch should better but endure well against several marines, hence my idea of adding npc troops for terran and zerg players

    Well I do not know what Blizzrd is waiting for a shooting game.
    good a bit and reference of the BLizard material used in mod

    it's a shame that I never added the models in heart of swarm in this mod

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