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Thread: Quote ideas?

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    Default Quote ideas?

    In all the years of development, whe have seen graphics improvements, countless changes in the units mechanics, etcetera, but what about unit quotes? This threat is about quotations you think would fit in any unit.Serius, funny or loco quotes, all are welcome. Lets see your ideas, people.

    Some examples:

    Terran Thor: Thor is HUNGRY! THOR SMASH PEOPLE !!

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    Terrible Terrible Damage

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    A classic, nowadays...for the marauder,or Thor after the Artillery Strike,maybe?

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    Default Re: Quote ideas?

    Wow I'm going to miss medics saying "where does it hurt?" =(

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    My friend told me the medic (medivac? I forget if he was talking about campaign or the medivac) in SC2 (when he played it at Blizzcon).

    Said something along the lines of "if you need medical attention, call me. Actually, just call me." Just paraphrasing.

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    Medic: I will #@%^ you with the %#@& and @#$^^& of the ^$#@%&#!@ #@$#$% $#^#@ toothpaste.

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    Does the Thor still have the 'Ahnold' themed quotes? - I remember it did awhile back, not sure if it does anymore tho. (?)
    " Gzhee-Gzhee.....?.....whu......Why no Ghzhee-Gzhee?!?!?!?!"

    RIP - Leslie Nielsen

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    Twilight Archon: «Follow us into the void...»

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    Stalker: I watch you slumber.

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    So, are theer any new terran units with russian accent? Will the old ones that had still have?(Battle cruiser)

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