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Thread: Boxer wins a match!

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    I'm not a big Zerg player, but isn't it not a good strategy to walk your lurkers right into a Terran defense, when know your opponent has been utilizing siege tanks? I kept waiting for him to do a lurker drop at the Terran CCs and destroy Boxer's economy. Other than the one bunker on the expansion, there weren't any major defenses. And Boxer's main was so cluttered that none of the tanks could've gotten close enough to hit the lurkers. And even with 2-3 expansions, against Boxer's 1, I would've expected a bit more from the Zerg. Forget Lurkers mass some Ultralisks that won't be getting easily raped by siege tanks.
    Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing he actually had quite a few moments were he just tried to rush in a burrow lurkers half of witch got picked off by the time he got close enough.

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    The lurkers are considered a standard by many when accompanied by zerglings. It's due to the nature of how they interact with zerglings, which work primarily as a meat shield to take the damage. The additional bonus is as the zerglings go for some basic damage, the splash from the seige tanks deal collateral damage to whatever is shielding them. Gameplay of tanks versus lurkers are typically more about Micro and map control.

    I'd consider Sea's control of his attacks subpar to what they should have been. This was most probably due to the constant eco-harrassment that Boxer put on him.

    This doesn't include other factors such as the use of defilers and scourge against it in a typical meta game.
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    pretty cool game but i think that some months ago boxer also won some games in the E-Stars.

    this game is cool too!

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