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Thread: Starcraft reboot ideas discussion thread

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    Lightbulb Starcraft reboot ideas discussion thread

    EDIT: I have tweaked this thread to better showcase Enumerate linked in my sig. Here is the premise:

    The Concept of SC:EN is to be one based off of the ideals of establishment and rewriting a universe completely of its outcomes and history. Following the concepts of the First Game and the Manual, with some elements of the Brood War Expansion, the entire thing follows a change of history, where the outcomes of the Three Races, the All Resilient Terrans, the All Powerful Protoss, and the All Mighty Zerg, as the combat each other in the Korpulu Sector and beyond, reaching towards an endless war where the Three Races strive for their own goals, reaching towards a change that will inevitably change not only the three races, but the stars themselves.
    This is not a campaign, rather a ‘universe that holds a large amount of different campaigns’. With there being plenty of things to tell of Pre-Great War, Great War, Brood Wars, and Beyond, there will be many settings in which the Three Races will be part of, with the first being majority wise Terrans and Zerg, and later the Protoss becoming also a major part of the story in terms of higher quantity. This is to tell of the different changes and settings established for all three races.
    My original version of this post is retained below for reference. The following posts are excerpts from Enumerate.

    EDIT: removed the old version completely. It contributes nothing.

    EDIT: found another summary on deviantart:

    Quote Originally Posted by AcidicCook
    Schematics for a future project, the Starcraft Enumerate is the concept of different campaigns that will be avaliable for the player, as well as possible changes to UI and AI. Starcraft Enumerate is an alternate universe to Starcraft, with a few noted differences:

    - No Kerrigan, instead the Zerg will have Assimilated Terrans as units.
    - No Duran, Amon, nor major Xel'Naga Plotline such as Hybrids nor Prophecy.
    - UED is replaced by the Umojans, and the Kel-Morians will also be a major component.
    - Zeratul sacrifices himself instead of Tassadar during the Death of the Overmind.

    About 150 pages, 80,008 words, meant to list the different factions, basic information, and the tech tree planned out for the different factions. This is meant to allow the possible campaigns to be written out and set, acting as blue prints for possible creations. Although does not have all the information for the races for sure, the Three are described in detail the amount of changes each faction will have, as well as the timeline and gameplay. Although I had energy to do Terran and Zerg, I hated the Protoss due to the race being BLEEEEEEEH!!! thus, I put as much information for them that I cared to go in depth with right now, and after that made me want to do the Terrain/Doodads with not much depth either in comparion to the Terrans and Zerg sections.
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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    I am copypasting the timeline of the proposal linked in my sig. Read and critique if you like.

    Current Plans of the Timeline (Zerg (Pre-Great War to Brood War))
    As there are to be many changes for Starcraft and all that happens, the Zerg will be receiving changes that will require noting, as much as many other things for the Zerg.
    - The Pre-Great War: The Zerg, taking a 60 year track across space to reach the Terrans, send out their Vanguard to attack the outer rims of Terran Space, first attacking independent settlers and one of the three powerhouses of the Korpulu Sector, the Kel-Morian Combine.
    o The Vanguard Broods will be sent for the sole purpose of conquering the lesser Terrans, in order to break a path for the entire swarm to attack the more powerful Confederacy and Umojans.
    o The Vanguard Brood is assigned to harvest the psionic mutants that are within the Independent and Kel-Morian settlements, in order to keep them for the Overminds Great Plan.
    o The Vanguard Brood will be dealing with the Kel-Morians as the main enemy during the early ages of Pre-Great War.
    o The Vanguard Brood will be facing against the Confederacy during the late stages of the Pre-Great War, with both the Confederacy and the Umojans trying to study and exterminate the Zerg forces that are coming closer to their space.
    o The Vanguard Brood will be facing against large amounts of nuclear weaponry and battlecruiser fleets, when facing against the Confederacy.
    o The Vanguard will have an incident where the Confederacy try to control/destroy the Cerebrates that lead the Broods, when exterminating the Broods don’t work.
    o The Vanguard have some of the minions taken by the Confederacy and the Umojans for their experimentations.
    o The Vanguard will cause the breakdown of many of the Kel-Morian Combine, causing many of the mining colonies to break down, while the few that survive are either infested or psionic terrans held captive.
    o At the end of the Pre-Great Wars, the Protoss will come in full force, with different portions of the Korpulu Expeditionary Force sent to stop the Vanguard from moving any farther.
    The Protoss fail to stop the Zerg with traditional combat; resorts on exterminating infested worlds with purification.
    o The Great War starts, when the first purified world, Chau Sara, causing the citizens of the Confederacy to first note the presence of the alien menace… though the first alien menace they see are the Protoss, not the Zerg.
    o The Start of the Great War marks the move from the Kel-Morians by the Vanguard, to the full might of the Zerg Swarm reaching the rest.

    - The Great War: The Zerg will begin to send the rest of its great, mighty broods to be attacking the remaining Terran Worlds of the Confederacy, the Umojans, and what is left of the Kel-Morians. This will result with much of the Protoss sending their forces to purify planets held by the Zerg, causing the Terrans to have a great amount of fear and terror in their hearts and minds.
    o The Primary Assault Broods are tasked to attacking the Confederacy and the Umojans, while the Vanguard Brood that came before hunts down the rest of the outer Terran Worlds, including the rest of the Kel-Morians
    o The Protoss begin to try and purify the worlds that have a hint of the Zerg taking hold, in order to prevent the Terrans from being infested and/or assimilated.
    o Much of the Terrans, both the Umojans and the Confederacy, will try to use their research on the Zerg in order to prevent their extinction.
    The Umojans will use their study of the Zerg’s biology in order to make new countermeasures with their weaponry, as well as try to harness the biology to make their own tools and weapons to combat the Zerg.
    The Umojans will also be assisting the Kel-Morians and other Independent Colonists, pumping their resources in order to help unify the few Terrans that are vulnerable to deal with the greater threat.
    The Confederacy will by using their Psionic Study of the Zerg, especially their research on the Hivemind, in order to take advantage of the Zerg and use them to their advantage, as well as weaken them.
    The Confederacy will try to draw the Zerg away to the Umojans and their other enemies, while using their technology to weaken the Zerg and decimate them.
    o The Zerg continue to lay waste upon the Terrans, facing off against the Three Powerhouses until Tarsonis.
    The Zerg are called upon to the planet Tarsonis by a large amount of Psionic Emission across space; before that, the planets Mars Sara, Chau Sara, and Antiga Prime.
    The Zerg are given quite a bit of trouble with the Confederacy using their arm of Psionic weaponry in order to slow down the assault of the Zerg, along with nuclear fire and battlecruiser bombardment.
    Most of the worlds decimated by the Confederacy end with Purification.
    o The Zergs begin to move away from the Terrans, after the fall of Tarsonis.
    Many of the Zerg leave, due to collecting an abundance of Psionic Mutants from the Korpulu Sector and other places ruled by the Terrans.

    The Zerg depart to a few key worlds, including Char, in order to begin the process of assimilation without trouble.
    The Zerg begin to exterminate the rest of the Terrans with the remaining Vanguard and a few Primary Assault Broods.
    The Process of Extermination and Assimilation upon the Terrans have begun to commence.
    o The Dominion rises from the ashes of Tarsonis, uniting not only the remnants of the Confederacy, but also the Kel-Morians and the Umojans, in order to fight the dangerous Zerg.
    The Dominion unify the Umojans and the Kel-Morians, in order to break the Zerg back from the planets being raid
    The Unity of the Terrans causes a push back towards the Zergs, allowing some victories to rise that includes the decimation of Brood Forces that were left there to exterminate the Terrans, and harvest the Psionic Mutants.
    The Dominion is led by Arcturus Mengsk, with the second command being Edmund Duke and other leaders of the Confederate Squadrons being underneath him.
    The Dominion uses the unity of the Terrans, along with the ideals of nuclear fire and large amounts of battlecruiser fleets, to break the Zerg.
    The Dominion try to scavenge the remaining remnants of the Confederacy research, while receiving ‘all’ of the research the Umojans hold.
    • The Umojans secretly compete with the Dominion to scavenge the remnants of the Confederacy’s research on the Zerg, although not officially.
    The Unity of the Terrans lasts until the end of the Great War, during that time Mengsk leads the people against the alien menace of both the Protoss and the Zerg, while enforcing Dominion rule upon other Terrans.
    o The Zerg begin the assimilation process of the Terrans, on Char and other planets, led by both the Overmind and his most trusted of Cerebrates for the task.
    Due to the lack of psionic prowess the Terrans have in comparison to the Protoss, the Overmind plans on the concept of shared psionic connection, to battle against the Protoss.
    • Many of the assimilated Psionics begin to be placed in a black crystal-like substance that holds their brain and nerves, with many modified organs and tissue inside.

    • Many of these Psionics are each connected with other Assimilated Psionics in their crystal-like bodies, allowing them to connect their psionic brains together to become a stronger foe.
    • This form of Assimilation, the Conexus, number in the dozens, with the Overmind beginning to try to allow production of these creatures with Drones.
    • Many of these Conexus are the cause of beaconing the Protoss, which leads to the two alien races, as before in the Pre-Great War, begin to fight each other in armed combat.
    Along with the completion of the Conexus, a new breed of Zerg, called the Commisceo, is born from the properties of physically merging the brains of other Psionics together into one brain.
    • Causes the formation of giant brain-like entities that have the ability to tear apart others.
    • Due to the massive size of this creature, and the faults of massive biological change that merges such together, the giant brain mass is designed to be great enough to decimate forces.
    • Due to its massive size, the creature is designed to take much longer to construct, with the promise of ultimate power in return.
    • Many aspects of it, including its raw power of psionics, is promising, however its high expense in itself to control it has often made the Overmind question whether the creature itself is a possible candidate.
    Finally, with the Commisceo and the Conexus, the third form of Assimilated, the Pararius, is to design Terran Psionics into a formidable fighting force, giving them a similar ideal of a Zealot.
    • Due to the Psionic Terrans not even reaching such potential, these Agents are able to unite their minds similar to the Khalai and the Conexus, allowing them to function together.
    • The Pararius are able to use their psionics to heighten their senses and stimulate their motor functions, allowing them to use their psionics to allow proper coordination and premonition.
    • The Pararius is given changes to the legs and arms in order to be able to fight in combat, as well as given other additions as well.
    • The Pararius failed as an attempt for assimilation, due to the psionics being incapable of dealing with zealots in an equivalent battlefield, despite their high numbers, making the Overmind see

    them as worthless if they could not fight against the enemy they were designed to face.
    • The Pararius was reworked a second time to have a new body that would combat the Zealots; this new form was more powerful than the old Pararius Strain, and was capable of meeting a Zealot and killing it with minimum damage.
    • The Pararius was about to become distributed across the Broods as a basis unit during the end of the Great War.
    The many different assimilated survive towards the end of the Great War.
    o As the Great War continued on, the first Cerebrate to fall, Zasz, showcases the location of the Protoss and their most current history and present, giving the Overmind insight of what is happening.
    The Overmind, paused for a while after the attack on the hive, begins to send its experimented terrans upon the Protoss, to remove the combined forces of the Dark Templar and the Khalai.
    Many of the Cerebrates start to leave the hive planets, with the Overmind commanding each and every brood towards different locations of Protoss space, owned by both the Dark Templar and the Khalai.
    • The majority of the most powerful Zerg Broods are sent to go after the homeworld of the Khalai, Aiur, in order to make an establishment for the Overmind.
    • Many of the specialist broods that were designed specifically for the Protoss begin to build up their size, with the guardian broods sent to the Dark Templar-specific planets, as well as the ones on Char and the other Hive Planets, while the ones designed to manipulate Khaydarin Technology are sent to planets held by the Khalai.
    o The Broods that are sent to the Dark Templar are given a large abundance of the Assimilated Terrans to fight against the Cerebrate killers, with the Guardian Broods designed to specifically defend against the Dark Templar that threaten the Cerebrates.
    o The Broods that are sent to go after the Khaydarin crystals are designed to help give the Protoss the Psionic edge, by collecting and using them to be assimilated by both the Cerebrates and the Overmind to become more powerful, while causing a rupture in the Protoss Tech to make it turn against them.

    • The Broods begin to play their roles in exterminating the Protoss race, tearing apart the Billions that impact the Protoss more than the Terrans ever could have witnessed.
    • The Overmind settles upon Aiur, upon the first place the Xel’Naga laid beforehand, carrying a few Khaydarin Crystals to allow the Overmind to nestle upon Aiur’s surface.
    o The Protoss and the Zerg begin a full on war against each other, while the Terrans are left to deal with some of the few remaining Zerg Broods left to take care of them; this leads to the Terrans having a long war against the Zerg, while also dealing with your own civil issues.
    The Umojans go into a covert civil war against the Dominion, both for the Dominion’s ruthless and similar ideals to the Confederacy, and the Dominion’s role on using the Psi Emitters to direct the Zerg to Tarsonis.
    The Dominion are notified that these covert civil wars are done by pirates and raiders, such as Raynor’s Raiders, however some suspect that the Umojans are behind it.
    The Umojans are threatened by the Dominion by the accusation of being a threat to the Dominion, while also not giving their advanced technology and the necessary research on the Zerg to the Dominion.
    The Zerg have caused a great amount of stress to the Terrans, however a good amount of Broods that are left to take care of the Terrans are beginning to cause entrenchments and stalemates in some planets, while others are taking a slow process for some of the Zerg to deal with the Terrans on other worlds
    • The War on the Terrans is slowing down.
    o During the Great War against the Protoss, the Zerg begin to deal with the loss of Cerebrates both against the Dark Templar they invaded and the ones on Char and other Hive Planets
    The Zerg begin to deal with a good amount of Feral Zerg during the process, dealing with the many different chaotic situations that are caused due to the loss of a Brood’s Cerebrate.
    The Zerg begin to try and hunt down the remaining protoss on the Hive Worlds, which have lead the Protoss to resort into hiding in the shadows.
    Many of the Dark Templar that are fighting against the Zerg on their own worlds and locations cause the Dark Templar and Zerg to reach a massive scaled war that pushes them towards the concept of fleeing with their lives, or hiding.

    Many of the Feral Zerg on both of these worlds are often immediately exterminated by fellow Broods nearby.
    This often leads the Overmind to compensate with the losses, by creating new Broods on the planet Aiur and sending them to either new Hive Worlds to build them up for full strength, or in rare occasions be sent off to battle shortly after birth.
    o The Protoss, after a long civil war between themselves, has a short unity between the Dark Templar and the Khalai’s Templar, killing off a few Cerebrates on Aiur and other planets in order to cripple the Overmind
    Zeratul and Tassadar splinter into two hunting groups, leading a group of Templar from both cultures to terminate a large selection of Cerebrates.
    Meeting against great resilience, the Zerg begin to find many of their Broods to be rapidly depleting more than the Overmind can handle, causing a long coma-like state occur afterwards.
    In response, a quick unity of Tassadar and Zeratul’s forces sends an attack upon the Overmind, leading to many Protoss dying in the process due to the massive amounts of Broods around the Overmind.
    • After both sides take heavy casualties, the Zerg seem to have the upper hand; in response, the Dark Templar, Zeratul, sends himself and a squad of Dark Templar to execute the Overmind, making sure that the form the Overmind takes collapses.
    The End of the Great War marks when Zeratul sacrifices himself, and exterminates the Overmind, with Zeratul dying due to the Zerg ripping them to shreds.
    - The Brood War: The Great War ends with the death of the Overmind; large amounts of Broods begin to go haywire due to the Will that unified all of them dying, causing the Zerg to go into a massive rampage than not only tears itself apart, but in great fury begin to do greater damage to both the Terrans and the Protoss in response.
    o The Broods by the Terrans begin to go into a massive rampage, where they begin to tear apart each other, causing a few of the Broods in the Korpulu Sector to die.
    Many of the Broods that went Psycho stabilize the quickest out of all the Zerg, due to the presence of other Cerebrate’s and the broadcast of the Overmind being farther from where the Korpulu Broods were.
    The Broods begin to reach a state in which the Extermination of the Terrans become a top priority, causing the Broods to evolve and become even more dangerous.

    • The Mutation of the Broods causes issues in the mutated broods, with many of them require massive amount of changes in order to compensate what they seek to accomplish.
    Many of the Broods left to face the Terrans after the whiplash of the fallen will begin to tear about the Terrans even more, due to the Umojans beginning an open revolt against the Dominion to take place as the dominant power.
    The Later stages of the Umojans taking hold of the Dominion as the rulers, instead of Mengsk, will cause Mengsk to depart and leave much of what he made, while the Umojans rule and begin the process and converting the Broods that are attacking the Terrans to become the first Zerg that become part of the Umojan’s ruling Dominion.
    • As the Umojans begin to rule the Dominion as the No. 1 powerhouse, a former Confederate Marshal, Jim Raynor of the Raynor’s Raiders, begin to help lead the new Dominion.
    o The Broods that were facing against the Dark Templar begin to fall apart the hardest, with the Dark Templar taking advantage of this and killing off many of the Broods before the Broods have a chance to kill each other off.
    The Dark Templar begin to attack the Cerebrates that are going Haywire from the Overmind’s death, and making many of the Zerg become Feral.
    Many of the Dark Templar are not sure as to why many of the Zerg have come in the first place, and are surprised when they see the Zerg begin to fall down into chaos
    • This causes many of the Dark Templar to meet up with each other, to discuss the issue and form an expeditionary force to find the cause and origins of the Zerg that have come to attack her.
    Many of the Broods fall into a Feral-Like state, leaving many Dark Templar to begin to study the Zerg while a fleet is formed to look at where the Zerg came from.
    • The Dark Templar begin to use their Argus Crystals and their current technology in order to study the enemy that began their invasion against them.
    • The discovery of the Assimilated Terrans and the Cerebrates having elements of Psionic Prowess.
    The Broods that are still functioning and pull themselves back together after the whiplash begin to pull forward, and pull back towards places where the Broods can hide and build up their forces, in order to deal with their serious threat.

    o The Cerebrates on the Hive Worlds get a large amount of civil war on their worlds, with little to no issue with the Protoss that are left on their worlds.
    Many of the Cerebrates begin to have civil wars in order to find the new ruler of the Swarm, with many of them fighting against each other due to the different personalities that befall them.
    The Zerg Broods on the Hive Worlds are noted to be left alone by both Terrans and Protoss during the early stages of the Brood War, however meet large issue when the Umojans begin to build up their Dominion, taking the Zerg from the Hives in order to increase their forces.
    o The Broods of Aiur and other Khalai Worlds have the greatest of consequences, due to them feeling the death of the Overmind greater than any other Brood in the Milky Way Galaxy.
    The Cerebrates that were closest to the Overmind had the worst of it, reaching towards a mental insanity that causes their Broods to malfunction.
    Many of the Cerebrates that are farther away are changed dramatically by the Overmind’s death, although do not reach the same level of insanity as the closer ones have taken
    • Many of the Broods that were safe from being broken down began to have a rapid personality change within the Cerebrates, due to the impact of the Overmind’s final moments and its state during its death by Zeratul and his comrades left a permanent mark that cause the Cerebrates to transform into something altogether.
    The Broods that are on the other worlds held by the Khalai begin to follow their last objective that was set upon to them, to exterminate the Khalai Protoss and make way for the Assimilation of the Protoss.
    o Many of the Feral Broods are often led by many different Aged Overlords that cause small pockets of Hives to arise, making different Hives able to survive for a short amount of time; the use of Assimilated also causes the consequences of the Feral Assimilated on planets such as Aiur and other Protoss-held worlds to become a major issue for everyone.
    Many of the Aged Overlords begin to try and survive against everything around them, from the Feral Zerg to the Sane and Insane Zerg.
    Many also have to try and survive against the Protoss and the Terrans for the most part, due to them often being around during their fall.
    The Assimilated Terrans that have become Feral, due to the lack of Cerebrates, have begun a severe amount of rampage across the worlds they inhabit, leading to many psionic storms that cause strife for all life.

    • The Conexus start to unite together in order to bring down their enemies, using the feral zergs and making an army of both themselves and the minions that they assisted before.
    o They begin to control many of the hives that had been lead by a Brood’s Cerebrate and its Overlords, beginning a vast extermination of the Remaining Overlords.
    Many of the taken hives start to build more Conexus, in order to increase their prowess.
    o The Conexus begin to build their numbers in order to lead the many hives, using their combined might to lead their own Broods alone.
    • The Commisceo have begun to use their giant minds to begin to build up the feral Zerg, and begun a war with the remaining Broods led by the Cerebrates.
    o The Commisceo use their psionic superiority in order to deal with the Cerebrate’s superiority in numbers and wisdom.
    o The Commisceo begin to think for themselves quite easily, due to their form being completely a sentient brain.
    o The Commisceo begin to try and take many of the fallen hives and build their own Broods.
    o These Feral Commisceos are beginning to build Feral Broods and Hives into functional Broods once more given to their image.
    o The Zerg begin to fold into many different individual factions, with many of them warring to see what shall be the new Will of the swarm.
    o The amount of Civil War amongst the Zerg partially halts for most of them, due to the threats of the other races, both the Terrans and the Protoss, which the Zerg deem a necessity in order to defend themselves first, before they continue their civil battles for dominance over the entire race.
    o The Brood Wars end with many of the Zerg decimating the Terrans that have tried to control them, along with many of them beginning to create a new Overmind that has begun to embody the swarm.

    Things to Note within Terran History
    Pre-Great War – The Arrival of the Zerg, to the Fall of Chau Sara
    - The Terran Kel-Morians and Independent Colonies are Invaded by Zerg

    o The Kel-Morians use their large amount of Mines and Goliaths to push the Vanguard Broods, with mostly loses.
    o The Independent Colonies use basic weaponry in order to defend themselves, although unlike the Kel-Morians fall easier.
    o Many of the colonies try to flee to other worlds, though the Vanguard Broods stop them with large amounts of mutalisks and/or scourge.
    - The Umojan’s and Confederacy’s covert scientists and military are experimenting on the Zerg that they have.
    o The Confederacy have been taking the Zerg in order to study the Zerg’s Hivemind mentality, as well as their link towards Psionic Potentials.
    o The Umojans have been experimenting on the Zerg to study their biology, in order to understand the enemy threat and take measures to eliminate them.
    - The Umojans have been funding Kel-Morian and Independent Colonies with Umojan resources, offering them military technology and even men in order to deal with the Zerg Threat.
    o Many of the forces often have allied Umojan Forces that usually use their ground forces to decimate the Zerg as much as possible.
    o The Umojans try to use their cancerous experiments in order to damage the Zerg, cripple them with diseases within the Broods.
    - The Confederacy has been making sure that all information of the Zerg has been shut down, in order to keep the Alien Species quiet, as well as blocking and Terrans from trying to spread this information.
    o The Confederacy has been decimating Terran Colony Fleets that have been trying to flee from the Zerg.
    o The Confederacy has been decimating large amounts of Zerg Forces with the full force of their squadrons they send to take care of them.
    o Many of the Confederacy has been sent to test the might of the swarm, as well as trying to find ways to cripple and decimate them, if they cannot use them.
    - The Three Factions fighting the Zerg during the Pre-Great War are usually hidden from most Terrans across the Korpulu Sector, until the fall of Chau Sara
    o Chau Sara was incinerated by a large fleet of an alien force, which has not been identified as anything both the Protoss. With the Protoss incinerating Chau Sara, the Terrans are now aware of the Protoss Threat.
    The Kel-Morians are still dealing with the Vanguard Broods, which they have begun to supply their colonies with more Military Technology, although restrained from giving all to them due to the Confederacy.

    • The Kel-Morian Colonies are given Reaper and Vindicators to deal with the Zerg Threat, along with pulling their Jolly Rogers in order to assist.
    The Umojan Colonies are beginning to get touched by the Zerg, which the Umojans are now forced to bring out their military to take care of the alien menace.
    • Many of the Umojan Colonies are given all the required factory tech in order to deal with the Zerg, as well as the basics of Barracks tech
    • The Umojan Protectorate has begun to send its own military forces to deal with the Zerg Threat, beginning to send their military might to decimate the Swarm.
    The Confederacy has begun to send all of its Squadrons to protect the Core Worlds, while decimating the Zerg on Fringe Worlds.
    • The Confederate Fringe Worlds have many of its colonies left for dead against the Zerg.
    • The Confederate Fringe Worlds have often times been experiments to things such as the Psi Emitter, in order to practise using the Zerg.
    The Sons of Korhal save a few colonial forces, and begins its operation for the great plan to remove the Confederacy for good.
    • The Sons of Korhal obtains the Psi Emitter, and uses in on Antiga Prime and Tarsonis to send the Zerg Forces against the Confederacy.
    The Zerg keeps sending its might against the Terrans, with many of the Broods Decimating the Terran Worlds until, finally, the Fall of Tarsonis happens, and billions die at once due to the Zerg.
    • The Sons of Korhal set up the Psi Emitters on Tarsonis and its Space Platforms.
    • The Protoss try to save the Confederacy, yet the Sons of Korhal fight against the Protoss long enough for the Zerg to attack with full force.
    • The Confederate Citizens that have been split away from the Squadrons are left defending themselves against the Zerg.
    o The Dominion, formerly the Sons of Korhal, begins to decimate the remaining Confederate loyalists, and begin to unite the Confederate Remnants into their fold in order to take control of the Korpulu Sector.
    Arcturus Mengsk crowns himself as the new Emperor, and begins to remove the few oppositions left and bring the rest under his wing.

    The Kel-Morians agree to join the Dominion by donating resources for the exchange of military assistance against the Zerg.
    • The Kel-Morians begin to rise as a military force, after the fall of the Confederacy, and has begun to release their fleet against the Zerg.
    • The Kel-Morians fight against the Zerg with Dominion Forces.
    The Umojans are forced to join the Dominion with the threat of decimation, with the Dominion forcefully taking their colonies.
    • The Umojans begin to donate their technology and military service to the Dominion, in order to fight the Zerg.
    o The Dominion fights against the remaining Zerg Broods that have been left to exterminate the Terran Race as a whole.
    The Few Confederate Opposition and other rebel groups, such as Raynor’s Raiders, are still a prominent threat for the Dominion.
    - The Overmind dies, leading to the Broods fighting against each other, as well as the rise of Feral Zerg becoming an uncommon, to common sight.
    o The Umojans take the opportunity to take rise.
    They begin to release and in script military forces of the Dominion into their own, taking Braxis and Dylar IX from the Dominion.
    The Umojans begin to combine their research and the Confederacy’s in order to enslave the Zerg and use them for their arsenal.
    The Umojans begin to attack Korhal IV, after bringing many into their fold, and attack Korhal IV headfirst to take the Emperor, Arcturus.
    o Emperor Mengsk flees in his battlecruiser with a few loyalists, leaving the Terran Dominion under the hands of the Umojan Protectorate.
    The Kel-Morians and the Confederates that were under the Dominion are now loyal to the Umojan Protectorate.
    o The Umojan Protectorate enslaves a large amount of the Zerg within Terran Space, and has begun to remove the Zerg from Terran Space.
    The Umojans have begun to use the Zerg in order to secure the Terrans.
    Many of the Terrans are concerned about the use of Zerg being used by anyone as a military asset.
    Civil Uprises begin to start between Xenophobics, Dominion Loyalists, and Concerned Citizens.

    • Umojans began to lose many supporters, after the Zerg become less of a threat.
    o A Civil War begins between the Terrans, with the Dominion, Confederacy, and Umojans being at each other’s throats, as well as their royalists. Much of the Independent and Kel-Morian colonies stay away from the impact.
    - The Brood Wars end with the Terrans having a civil strife amongst each other, with the Zerg beginning to heal themselves and getting ready to react the their brethren’s enslavement.

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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    Here's the tl;dr for the Zerg. It includes their interactions with Terrans and Protoss as well.

    TL;DR Zerg (Things to Note)
    - There will be no Kerrigan: The Zerg will have alternatives to Kerrigan, which are the Assimilated Terrans listed. The Reason for Kerrigan being removed, is due to many reasons: A) Kerrigan lacks a character that is stable, and changes entirely to whatever is desired for the writers, and lacks a stable character. B) Infested Kerrigan has showcased a de-evolution to the qualities of the Zerg Race in many ways, with Brood War Kerrigan and onwards be only worthwhile due to ‘invisible armour’ that makes everyone else worthless, and makes her greater (somehow). With these two reasons, the other reason is due to the story being mostly focused on a large abundance of characters, and Kerrigan along with other characters being overly focused to the point she has become, personally, not worthwhile.
    - The Zerg will be the Main Antagonist Throughout: Although the Zerg will be splintered and decimated due to the loss of the Overmind, the Zerg will continue to be the bane of all other life, and will be the primary antagonist of both the Protoss and the Terrans. In many scenarios, the Zerg will be an all-hated enemy of both the Terrans and the Protoss, and will continue to be a devastating enemy that has broken the two races with the promise of extinction.
    - The Zerg Protagonists in stories will all by Cerebrates: While the Zerg will be a primary race from beginning to end, the Zerg will all of the played characters being Cerebrates. While there will be other characters of the Swarm, including the Overmind and some of the Assimilated Terrans that will be looked upon during dialogues and briefings, the character will always be a Cerebrate when playing as a Zerg.
    - There will be no Duran and no Hybrids: Although it was introduced in Dark Origins, and was poorly executed in the sequels afterwards, both Duran and the Hybrids will be avoided entirely.
    - The Xel’Naga, along with the Pre-Aeon Protoss, will be Secondary, Distant Story Elements: Although the Xel’Naga and anything attached to them, including Duran, the Hybrids, and their ruins have been overused in many Starcraft Stories, both in games and other media, the Xel’Naga will not be overly looked as they have before, with most of the campaigns that do have any significance of the Xel’Naga being a ‘mention’, nothing more. There will be ruins and so forth of the Xel’Naga that will be explored, but they will be rare. The Pre-Aeon Protoss will be also explored, as they were avoided and retconned by Blizzard to be non-existent. During the invasion of Aiur, the Zerg will explore many of these ruins in order to harvest and use the powers of old to topple of Khala Protoss.
    - The Process of Assimilation and Infestation will be explored: As the process of Assimilation has not been looked upon properly, this story will look upon the process of Assimilation, with the first examples of Assimilation being the Assimilated Terrans, which the campaigns will show the Process how Psionic Terrans are processed, changed, and become part of the Swarm.
    - Many aspects of the Zerg Units will Change: Many of the Units of the Zerg Units and Structures will have new introductions and changes in order to make the Zerg something new when played upon:
    o The Queens will remove the role of a simple caster, and become the Zerg’s Equivalence of a Reaver or Carrier, which the Queen harvests Parasites and uses them on the battle like a Reaver builds Scarabs and launches them.
    o The Defiler’s Casting will change to have many spells that reflect what a hive can build, able to cast spells depending on what a Larvae can morph into.
    o The Mutalisk and the Hydralisk will both have mutations; the Mutalisk was designed to have an aspect of it changing to deal with certain situations, which the Mutalisk will continue with the addition of two new morphs it can become. The Hydralisk will also have an additional two new morphs that are similar to the Lurker.
    o The Overlord will be the only unit that has detection, other than the Overmind and the Cerebrates themselves, along with possibly some of the structures that are Assimilated Terrans. That and the addition of new roles for the Overlords is meant to make the Overlord a wanted unit for a Zerg Commander.
    o The Cerebrates are given the ability to use powers and, possibly, move, in order to explore the Psionics that the Cerebrates have, as well as their mastery of bio-engineering and manipulation.
    o The Creep Colonies will have many different structures available to be built, other than the Sunken Colony and Spore Colony.
    o New Units that are able to be built from hives include the Scyllisk and the Stactlisk.
    - The Aspect of Broods and their Roles will be Explored: As Broods have been explored and dropped in Starcraft due to the creators of the concept not giving a damn, the Broods and its different roles will contribute to the story of Starcraft.
    - The Brood War: The Entirety of the Brood War will play out differently, with there being many different Zerg Broods fighting amongst each other for power. This is due to the Cerebrates being designed to have different personalities that other Cerebrates may or may not like/agree with, however disputes were not taken towards civil war due to the Will uniting them. With the Will that uniting them broken, as well as the concept of Feral Zerg and the whiplash of the Will’s Death affecting many of the Broods causing a concept of Strife for the Zerg that threatens strife within the Swarm as a whole, causing different Swarms to arise.
    - The Pre-Great War: Due to there being hints of the Zerg making contact with the Zerg both in the original Starcraft and the Books about Mengsk, the concept of the Zerg interacting with the Terrans a year before the Great War will be explored.
    - Replacement of the Renegade: While Kerrigan was the Renegade Zerg that was the primary antagonist, or protagonist, in Brood War’s campaign, Kerrigan will be replaced with the Assimilated Terrans taking hold of the Broods that have lost their Cerebrates, using their psionics in order to rebuild the Brood under their power. Aged Overlords will also be a concept, however they are unable able to run a small hive, being extremely weak in comparison to a Brood.
    - The Interactions with the Terrans: The Zerg will be explored by both the Confederacy and the Umojans during the Pre-Great War and the first parts of the Great War, with the Confederacy exploring the Zerg’s Psionic Hivemind, and the Umojans studying the Zerg’s Biological Assets. This will contribute in the rise of the Dominion, later the Umojans, using the Zerg to their advantage.
    o The Confederacy will be taking the Psionic Studies to influence the production of Psi Emitters, Psi Disruptors, and other technology in order to be used against the Zerg, later to be taken by the Dominion and the Umojans.
    o The Umojans will be using the Zerg to create new anti-zerg weaponry, along with planning on using Zerg, even Zerg-Like Bio-Engineered Weapons, in order to battle against the Zerg and other enemies.
    The Dominion will be trying to run its own program to follow what the Confederacy had left off, however due to the decimation of many scientists and research facilities, the Dominion have to find and collect the scraps and build up once more.
    - The Protoss and the Zerg: Although the Zerg will make little to no interaction with the Protoss until the stage of the Great War where the Psionic Terrans begin to be assimilated, the Protoss and the Zerg will become a primary aspect of war, where the tides of Terrans and Zerg being the primary conflict at the start will shift to the Protoss being the Zerg’s target of extermination and assimilation next. This will continue until the end of the Great War, where Zerg will begin to make conflict with all three races, including itself.
    o The Zerg will be attacking planets that are held by the Khala, in order to exterminate the race and collect as many Khaydarin Crystals to help the process of Assimilation for the Protoss.
    o The Zerg will be attacking the Dark Templar, hunting down as many as possible with its devastating Broods in order to remove the threat of the Dark Templar and the potential harm it can do to the Swarm.
    o The Zerg will be attacking Aiur as the primary base of operations after Char and the other Hive Worlds, to plan and start the Assimilation Process of the Protoss by first attacking the Khala that unites them.
    o The Zerg will be exploring planets that once held the Pre-Aeon Protoss, finding their ruins in order to help their progress into assimilating the Protoss, and their extermination of independence from the Swarm.
    - The Conflict of the Zerg in the Brood Wars will be the primary plot during that Time: Many of the different Broods trying to assert power and become the dominant Will, will be the plot of the Zerg during the Brood Wars.

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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    I see a lot of Zerg stuff, only some Terran stuff but no Protoss.

    The Protoss hardly had a significant role in BW, much in a similar way like the Terrans were in Sc1, yet you haven't addressed that here in this rework of BW.
    Yes, that's right! That is indeed ME on the right.


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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    Quote Originally Posted by Turalyon View Post
    I see a lot of Zerg stuff, only some Terran stuff but no Protoss.

    The Protoss hardly had a significant role in BW, much in a similar way like the Terrans were in Sc1, yet you haven't addressed that here in this rework of BW.
    I did not write this. I copied a timeline and an abridged summary from a forum thread, later compiled in a 150 page document, by ToxicDefiler. It is far too large to repost here, so please read it. It reworks both SC1 and BW, as explained in the first quote. The timeline and zerg summary I quoted already give a synopsis of the Protoss changes. It explains that they have a huge empire of countless worlds, which the Zerg invade for a variety of purposes. If you are having difficulty finding the answer to your question, try reading the quotes or using the find function on your browser. The full thread/document spends dozens of pages on detailing the cultures and tech trees of all three races. If you are still having trouble finding an answer to your question, you can find the links in my signature. If reading the text still does not answer your question, please contact ToxicDefiler and ask him to send you a new copy. If you are still unable to find an answer pouring through all 150 pages, please contact your eye doctor as I fear you may be losing your eyesight.
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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    I will be making a brief analysis of my own in the near future. In the mean time, I suggest reading the materials that are linked in my signature.

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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    Jesus, that amount of work... impressive. But, imo it's very unnecessary. I personally don't want a complete rewrite of SC or BW and I can't see many fans willingly going along with your bible. The changes are just way too drastic. For example, I get you're not a fan of episode 2 and everything related to Kerrigan but, like it or not, she's an icon of stracraft. You remove her and you're not rebooting starcraft anymore, you're making a cheap Chinese knockoff. It would be a lot better to just patch some of the idiosyncrasies by adding compatible story elements or doing some small rewrites. I feel bad for whoever is going to tap themselves 150 pages of dry fanon because of a few (probably mostly subjective) plot inconveniences.

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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    Yeah at this point, better to just make a completely new universe/IP.

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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    Quote Originally Posted by sandwich_bird View Post
    Jesus, that amount of work... impressive. But, imo it's very unnecessary. I personally don't want a complete rewrite of SC or BW and I can't see many fans willingly going along with your bible. The changes are just way too drastic. For example, I get you're not a fan of episode 2 and everything related to Kerrigan but, like it or not, she's an icon of stracraft. You remove her and you're not rebooting starcraft anymore, you're making a cheap Chinese knockoff. It would be a lot better to just patch some of the idiosyncrasies by adding compatible story elements or doing some small rewrites. I feel bad for whoever is going to tap themselves 150 pages of dry fanon because of a few (probably mostly subjective) plot inconveniences.
    I did not write it. Please stop calling it mine.

    Starcraft was about faction politics and moral ambiguity, not personal vendettas. Kerry does not contribute anything besides pointlessly shitting on the Zerg and being a plot device.

    If she's so important, then we can make her a component personality of one of the giant brain monsters. That's the only way she would be able to control Zerg anyhow, because by the logic of SC1 (before Metzen's BW retcons) you had to be a giant brain to control Zerg.

    Otherwise, her only contribution would be as some random cerebrate's pet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius View Post
    Yeah at this point, better to just make a completely new universe/IP.
    Which everyone will know is a ripoff of Starcraft 1. There's no point!

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    Default Re: Brood War wasn't great, here's why, we deserve better, here's how

    Look, Starcraft was about faction politics and moral ambiguity. That was the main allure. It was never about a specific group of characters being the movers and shakers. Metzen forced that in and ruined everything.

    Kerry was only ever a distraction. Her plot was exhausted in Starcraft 2 and there's nothing interesting to do with her. She is not the main character of Starcraft and she does not deserve to show up again in a reboot or sequel. The Zerg stories should focus on the Overmind and cerebrates, not Metzen's BDSM fantasy.

    I don't understand you people. Why do you want Kerry to be the main character, rather than the competing factions with their distinct morals? That's not what Starcraft was about!

    These changes make the plot follow the original manual! It is not a separate IP! If anything, it is the real IP as envisioned by Phinney before Metzen shat on it.

    I think you are blowing things out of proportion. In the original thread where this was posted, all the replies were positive and agreed that Kerry should be dropped.

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