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FF.net is nowhere near as welcoming as alternatehistory.com, but I still post there simply because that directory gets more views than the AO3 directory.

I suspect the difference is due to differences in philosophy.

Those writers on FF.net are mostly invested in the Kerry/Raynor romance, with the next largest group being those who write stories where a random person on a random fantasy planet gets control of a zerg swarm and suddenly decides to go on a conquest spree. Pretty much nobody is interested in actually exploring the setting itself, which is unsurprising since Blizzard has always presented the setting as a bland, lifeless theme park for their wish fulfillment characters to have unoriginal Saturday morning cartoon adventures in.
I hope you know that part kind of died out after HotS because what people got turned out to be the exact opposite of what they expected. Even I began to turn away from the redemption status and decided to take a more reckoning tone. Nevertheless even for the fic I wrote back then for my version of what happened post WoL their pairing wasn't the main focus of the storyline. I too focused on the universe itself, but I used the SC2 lore. You can argue all you want about it being nothing but vomit, but you're not going to convince everyone else on the planet.