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Thread: What you think of the Psi Storm?

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    I've got a feeling I'm really going to hate Psi Storm, as a Zerg player :P.

    In Brood War, a large part of storm dodging wasn't about reacting to your opponent casting a storm - it was about trying to second-guess when and where your opponent is going to storm, so that by the time the storm resolves, your units are hopefully already out of the way.

    I love hydras as much as the next guy, and I often find myself just running in and out with them, trying to eke storms out of my opponent before I can push. Having to rely on reflexes to quickly manuever troops OUT of storms once they have been cast is just too dangerous because of how much damage those things do. Even that 1 second of battlenet delay makes such a big difference when you need to react to something.

    Now in SC2, storms do even MORE damage over a shorter period of time, so it feels like a lose-lose for me :P. I can't dance Hydras (or whatever units in SC2 I'll be using) indefinitely without letting my Protoss enemy get lots of free hits off. And if I dedicate to an attack, moving troops out of a storm once its been cast is going to be even harder because as I said, storms now deal more damage over a shorter period of time :S.

    It also hurts that Zerg units aren't any cheaper, and clump up more easily >_<. And again, if there's even 1 second of battlenet delay, it really puts pressure on the player who has the deadly but squishy army which need to quickly react to AoE-damage abilities.

    Still, as seemingly ridiculous as Psi Storm is, it doesn't seem to have been touched since we last heard about it, so it can't be as overpowering as it seems to be.

    That said though, while smart-casting Psi Storms may be balanced on a professional level with pros who have the speed to dodge them, I wonder if it'll be balanced on a casual level? That's the tricky thing, but I believe that it'd be too difficult for the three races to be equally balanced on all skill levels and that balance on a professional level should take priority.

    Besides, if Zerg are a harder (but no less balanced) race to use than the others, then I can use that as an excuse whenever I get my butt kicked .

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    I like scarves

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemolitionSquid View Post
    I like scarves
    What's with the necro, demo?
    The only place for a hamshank is on the dinner plate!

    There's a reason why Edward Longshanks was an evil git in 'Braveheart'! Down with the shanks! All of them!

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    Yeah man, what's up?

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    I didn't necro. Gradius deleted the necroer bot's scarf post

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