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I think it's very interesting what kind of outcasts where in the ships. Where there mutants? People who welcome cybernetics? Why isn't transhumanism more present in Koprulu societies, than? Maybe there was a later backslash and people got conservative on cybernetics too?
Yep. See manual quote below:

This genocidal crusade was the Government's final solution to the matter of cleansing humanity of its more degenerate facets. UPL troops scoured every nation on earth, rounding up dissidents, hackers, synthetics, the cybernetically enhanced, tech-pirates, and criminals of every kind.
Also, the word "dissidents" and "criminals of every kind" can be pretty broadly interpreted. It could've included anyone, even at-the-time world renowned scientists, engineers, thinkers, etc. who just happened to disagree with the UPL...

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I'd like to know how a group of 32,000 (remember that the Sarengo crashed, killing its drew), divided among three distinct populations, were able to explode into billions of terran lives in less than 300 years across dozens of worlds. Even third world countries don't have birth rates that high.
You'd have to stretch my imagination whichever way you'd want to approach it but I'd guess that not all of it was achieved au naturale. Some of those on board may've been smart enough (see above reply) to develop technologies like cloning to make up for it. It's "sci-fi", ain't it?