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    Lightbulb Crowfall videos + open beta (free tests) info

    Crowfall is like RTS meets EVE Online meets Minecraft...if that made any sense? Also, before massive battles (hundreds of players), building structures and economy make it into the game, it currently looks rather like MOBA than MMO...but you can play Tetris there!?

    Another strange thing is, frequent changes of sex/class/race are likely - account and progression are tied to crow-spirit, not the body/avatar. Now, alpha access is expensive but open beta (free tests) is scheduled for "summer 2017", requiring only registration on the site. Here are some early player made videos, starting with TheLazyPeon's alpha preview:

    ...also combat preview by ItsZiz and an intro to Duelist aka guinea pig meets Van Helsing by the same guy.

    PS Couple more details: Kickstarted a year ago, and (as I type this, December 2016) already counting 150 000+ registered accounts and over $10M of budget. Just in case that my incomprehensible intro didn't make any sense, IGN Wiki maybe will!?
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