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    On the co-op mission Rifts to Korhal there is two Protoss buildings that seem very out of place. An Obelisk and a Vent Access.

    The Vent Access is destroyable while the Obelisk is not.

    Destroying the Vent Access does nothing.

    I tried powering up the Obelisk but unfortunately it did not work.

    In addition Mengsk's Palace is also destroyable but again doing so does nothing.

    All tool-tips are the same from their counterparts in the HotS campaign.

    (Album of all the pictures.)
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    No, it's just lazy. The Co-op missions reuse a lot of assets from the campaign.

    Also, in the penultimate mission in the epilogue, Zagara's tooltip says she still "seeks to create her own swarm on Char."
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