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Thread: Co-Op Commander Theorycrafting

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    I like Drake's ideas but I think they could use more brainstorming.

    Blizzard's commanders up to now obey a kind of "D&D 3.5" level desing: classes had a main mechanic, and in about a half levels you would get nothing relevant to your main mechanic at all but something less combo-able.

    Like monks. Level one: You're a would be Bruce Lee. Level two: better at being Bruce Lee. Level three: you can jump! Level four: better at being Bruce Lee. And so on. IMO that's Blizzard's route with their commanders. For example, Raynor: levels 1 to 4, infantry bonuses. Level 5, point defense drone. Level 6, battelcruisers. Level 7 and 8, bonuses relevant for infantry. Level 8, vehicle upgrades, etc.

    Stacking up damage isn't good (I'm looking at you, Drake's Alarak). Actually, stacking modifiers is what broke 3.5; you need "qualitative" instead of merely quantitative bonuses. "Qualitative" bonuses (for example, drop pods) grow a character's power horizontally rather than vertically; it's more power stacking, yes, but main more diversity. Simple quantitative bonuses makes everything silly to balance. How do you balance foes for a PC with too high damage? Give them more HP. How do you balance villains if your PCs have too much HPs? Give the villains more damage! This is illusory design.

    To give some practical examples, I think Aldaris has too much focus on summoning units. It's a nice idea, but he needs to be less monothematic. What else you think Judicators were good about? Maybe mind control, base management, upgrades, ally support? Same goes for Alpha Squad, the "elite troop" idea is super, but they need more diversity of bonuses and abilities instead of specializing too much. For example, I think you might unlock summoning a Cerberus unit at some level instead of another damage upgrade. I like that you are valuing Wraiths, but you are just giving them more damage - why not make them play different with an upgrade? Give them stupid extra speed, perma cloak, land at starport/battlecruisers for fast repairs - any of those would make them play more differently than a damage bonus. Level 4 upgrades are awesome, exactly what I was talking about!
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    I'll defend simply that Aldaris wasn't just about summoning units - it was about reinforcing frontline armies. Note his Arbiters, when fully upgraded, project a power field, giving them Aldaris' Level 2 and Level 7 passive buffs. In tandem with Recall, Aldaris can make good usage of Arbiters to support and reinforce armies in the field. His Shuttles gets the Warp ability for the same. Additionally, his 2 and 7 passive buffs affect all allied power fields, so pair him with Artie or Vorazun's pylon calldowns for more frontline buff support.

    Duke, I intended for him to be the "elite army" type, focusing on small numbers of troops with superior tactics and firepower instead of a massive army, because IIRC that's how Alpha Squadron canonically operated. But looking back, yeah he's pretty stale and straightforward.

    Alarak, I offer no defense. I plain ran out of good ideas for him.
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    On a second though, I like Aldaris better. And I also enjoy Duke's concept the most, but I just think you need more variety of perks.

    Well, what about I come out from this comfortable position? Here's my take on the Overmind. It's more about the core mechanics; I'm not that happy with the level progression.

    Overmind, the eternal will of the Swarm

    The Overmind does not interferes directly in the battlefield; but he manipulates his children and controls Cerebrates. If Zagara embodies SC2's ever-remaxing zerg, the Overming is the BW Sauron Zerg.

    Initial Units: zerglings, hydralisks (range and speed upgrades), overlords/overseers, scourges, mutalisks, guardians, flying queens. Buildings: creep, spore and sunkun colonie[s.

    Hidden Content:
    Flying queens start with Ensnare, spawn broodlings and parasite. Parasite, aside from granting vision, is now just delayed spawn broodlings; it cost 25 energy and when activate cause 50 samage and spawn a single broodling. An unit can be incubated with more than 1 parasite. Parasites can be activated by selecting the host or clicking "activate all parasites" from the queen.

    Infest is unlocked at level 12:

    Hidden Content:
    Flying queens can Infest enemy buildings bellow 50% health. Infested building are useless for 30 seconds. If destroyed while the infestation is active, an effect happens depending on the race: Terran buildings prouce Infested Terrans and Marines for some time; Protoss building explode with an EMP that damages enemy shields and blocks power fields for 15 seconds; and Zerg structures bleed out broodlings until they die. The size of the effect (number of infested Terrans and Marines, size of the EMP, number os broolings) depends on the infested bulding.

    Creep colonies are morphed from a drone. They spread creep faster than a creep tumor. A creep colony can spawn another creep colonies from a long range for a small mineral cost. They can also morph into sunken or spore

    The Swarm made manifest: the Overmind's physical body is your first hatchery. It produces larvae at double rate and accumulate up to 9 larvae. You don't have queens but can make other hatcheries normally. It has a lot of life and armor but does not spawn again once destroyed! You activate Rise Cerebrate from here.

    Rise Cerebrate: deploys a Cerebrate in any visible spot of the map. Cerebrates are structures which cost 10 supply. They have 500 hp, 0 armor and regenerate faster when out of combat. A cerebrate generates some creep and produces up to 5 larvae at an accelerated rate.

    Unless you select their larvae and use them to build your army, cerebrates will build their own, independent army of up to 20 supply which are not counted on the Overmind's supply. This army is controlled by the cerebrate's AI and will act in a large area around the cerebrate. You can command a cerebrate into two modes: offensive and defensive. Offensive mode will join battles or attack on its own if nothing is happening. Defensive mode will keep to itself prioritize defending the cerebrate or the Overmind (if it's within the Cerebrate's range).

    The cerebrates can be repositioned (cooldown 120 seconds). If they die, their army goes feral (they act independently, treat all factions as enemies and kill each other when out of foes). Feral zergs might burrow before dying (50% chance) which is good because you can ressurrect your cerebrates with Rise Cerebrate and get their units back. Cerebrates receive double damage from Psionic units - Void energies are much like their own!

    Cerebrates use your army upgrades, but build their units from a virtual resource bank which is a fraction of yours. They share this bank, so the more cerebrates you have, the slower they are to rebuild their armies. Their units are not affected by Will of the Swarm. You can have up to two cerebrates at level 1.

    You can choose from 6 differente cerebrates:

    Hidden Content:

    Daggoth: the Tiamat Brood produces zerglings, hydralisks, lurkers, ultralisks. Daggoth has 10 more supply than other cerebrates.

    Araq: the Jormundgand brood produces mutas, guardians, scourges, overseers. All its units move 10% faster.

    Nargil: the Fenris brood produces zerglings, hydralisks, defilers, overlords with ventral sacks. The Fenris brood isn't limited by a control zone, and the only ones which needs to built overlords for control. While in Defensive mode will defend other cerebrates.

    Zasz: the Garm brood produces defilers, flying queens, hydralisks, overlords with ventral sacs, overseers. All friendly biological units close to Zasz regenerate energy faster. Unlocked at level 6.

    Kagg: the Surtur brood produces drones, zerglings, hydralisks, lurkers, guardians, sunken colonies, spore colonies. Has a broader control area for Defense mode. Defensive structures cost half supply each. AI will leave defensive structures near other friendly buildings. Unlocked at level 6.

    Gorn: the Baelrog brood produces guardians and devourers, (born as mutas but AI morphs them fast), ultralisks. Cerebrate has 1000 life and 3 armor. Mutas are weaker but are born extra fast. Unlocked at level 6.

    When the Cerebrate upgrade cache is unlocked, the upgrades are the following: Daggoth - spend less resources to build army (100/100); Araq - units spawn scourgesplitters on death (even scourges!) (200/200); Nargil - builds Nydus Canals between Nargil, other cerebrates and the Overming (200/200); Zasz- increases energy regeneration bonus (100/100); Kagg - killed units spawn broodlings (100/100); Gorn - spawns a supply-free Torrasque which ressurects at Kagg if carcass is destroyed (300/300). Those upgrades only affect the Cerebrate's own units.

    Will of the Swarm: Activated from the UI. Affects all Overmind units, but not those of its cerebrates. Unless noted they last 30 seconds, cost 25 energy and have a 60 second cooldown. Only one can be active at a time.

    Hidden Content:

    Adrenal Overload: Move and attack % faster but does not regenerate for the duration.

    Multiply: Increase larva production rate, creep expansion and creep colony construction time.

    The Feast: Increase health regeneration while attacking. Unlock at level 5.

    Sensitivity: Units prioritize psionic targets and deal 50% extra damage against them. While active, psionic units are shown even in the fog of war. Unlock at level 5.

    Depth drive: Grounds units can burrow move for 10 seconds. Burrow move speed under creep is the same as normal movement boosted by creep. Costs 50 energy. Unlock at level 5.

    Uplift: select an egg and create a superior strain at the expanse of energy, resources and supply. Unlocked at level 2.

    Hidden Content:

    - Zergling - devouring ones. +20 hp, attacking raises regeneration and attack and move speed up to +50%.

    - Hydralisk - Hunter Killer. Burrow move, +40 HP, + 4 damage, +1 speed, +2 range.

    - Mutalisk - Kokulza. Glaive wurm becomes broodling. Faster, +60 hp. Morphs in to Kokulza Guardian: [cut]can produce scourgesplitters (with a cost) and auto-deploys them when aerial units are attacking.[/cut] Small AoE damage, affected units spawn broodlings upon death. +2 range and +60 HP.

    - Overlord - Iggdrasil. Detector. Extended ventral sacs. Untyped armor, 1000 HP. You can give up Iggdrasil's control to a cerebrate, which raises that cerebrate's control area.

    - Ultralisk or Behemoth - Brutalisk. +200 hp, Faster, walks over units, Abduct.

    - Flying Queen - Matriach. More max energy and energy regeneration. Faster.

    - Defiler - Unclean One. More max energy. Burrow move. Has Plague Aura if unburrowed (friendly bio units are plagued and deal damage over time to close foes. Does not reduce to less than 1 hp).


    Level 1 - The Overmind can raise up to 2 cerebrates among 3 options.

    Level 2 - Can Uplift eggs

    Level 3 - All hatcheries, Cerebrate and the Overmind's body max larvae is increased by 2

    Level 4 - behemoth unlocked. Those are the BW ultralisks with a single pair of kaiser blades. Smaller, swifter, cost less supply but has less HP than Kerrigan's ultralisk.

    Level 5 - Overmind upgrade cache 1: can research Sensitivity, The Feast and Depth Drive abilities.

    Level 6 - Can raise up to 4 Cerebrates among 6 options.

    Level 7 - Improved Overlords: two raise instantly from a single larva.

    Level 8 - Cerebrate upgrade cache: unlocks upgrades for individual cerebrates. Research at the Overmind.

    Level 9 - Evolution chamber upgrade cache: hydras cost 1.5 supply but lose 10 hp (150/150), overlords are detectors (200/200), all ground units burrow move at small speed under creep (200/200).

    Level 10 - Cerebrate upgrade cache 2: more cerebrate supply can be upgraded at the Overmind. Each upgrade raises Cerebrate max supply by 2, but slightly raise how much each cerebrate costs to the overmind. Each level costs 150/150. Can upgrade up to 3 times.

    Level 11 - Creep colonies go dormant when attacked (burrowed, extra HP and armor, does not produce creep). If an overlord is near, spore colonies' range is increase by 2 and sunken colonies heal themselves and other buildings whenever biological units die on creep.

    Level 12 - Queen nest upgrade cache. Queens can learn Infest. Parasites raise the queen's energy regeneration. Ensnare heals biological friendly units by 25 hp plus more 25 hp over time.

    Level 13 - Spire upgrade cache. Mutalisk attacks reduce armor by 1. Guardian attacks deal plus 40 damage over 5 seconds does not stack and doesn't damage bellow 1 hp). Air have 2 extra armor against ground units.

    Level 14 - Overmind upgrade cache 2. All Will of the Swam abilities last 15 seconds longer. Can Uplift Cerebrate and allied eggs (this doesn't give you control over them). Will of the Swarm can be cast from a Cerebrate at a lower energy cost, affecting only its units.

    Level 15 - Cerebrate supply can be upgraded up to +10 (five times). The Overmind has increase max supply, to a 225 total.
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    well i like the design other than a small change of swapping the Jormungand and Tiamat brood powers, Jormungand was described as the heavy, large ground forces army, and Tiamat was described as excelling in tactical space combat
    the Surtur brood is supposed to be unrelenting aggression to the point where they would kill other zerg warriors in the battle zone
    the Baelrog brood are terrorists so don't know how to implement that other than lots of suicide units for him

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    Know what I'd love? A map that gives you just your commander, and you have to do a kind of dungeon-crawl-y Diablo thing.

    I believe all the current commanders and the planned ones have a hero unit equivalent. Even Swann.

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    I think before they expand with other commanders they should tweak some of the current commander's loadouts. the price hike on karax's units is absurd, and makes it especially prohibitive to do assault missions and the max lvl passive is pathetic: (10 shield) on everything. even if its something minimal like giving nexus their overcharge would be more useful.

    One of their hotfixes has changed what computers send at you in waves; sometimes they send a loadout that is hard to counter like mass liberators.

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    I think Karax is by far the strongest commander in the game right now.

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    The Overmind, The Great Hungerer

    Initial units: Zerglings, Hydralisk, Overlord, Defiler, Mutalisk, Queen (SC1 model or similar, ground unit at first)
    Unique/Unlocked Units: Devourer, Ultralisk, Impaler
    Special Buildings: Impaler Colony (replaces Spine Walker), Spore Colony (replaces Spore Walker), Impaler Den, Defiler Mound

    Commander Abilities
    Foresight – The Overmind could foresee the future and thus would be able too at a small cost foresee a part of the map similar to farsight in warcraft 3 it would just reveal a part of the map for 5-10 seconds thus allowing for distance attacks by commander abilities.

    Sunken Colonies Assault (Unlocks at level 5) – The Overminds large body in itself is like having hundreds of sunken colonies under the ground itself would basically be like the sunken colony attacks from SC1 but would be a aoe attack that you can use across the map as a commander skill similar to Artanis’s big aoe skill but smaller and comes from the ground, please note they’re long enough to hit air units.
    Adrenaline Gland Rush (Unlocks at level 7) – The Overmind causes all allied units on the map to suddenly attack and move faster for 5(10 upgraded) seconds by 50% by releasing a pheromone that moves across the map like a purple cloud effect and as it passes over friendly units it will affect them but only once.
    The Unending Swarm! (Unlocks till level 15) – Summons three Nydus Worms anywhere that’s visible on the map that releases many zerglings, some Ultralisks, Mutalisks, Queens and Hydralisks that aren’t controlled by the Overmind for the duration the Nydus Worms are active(fairly low timer) and will keep coming spawning more units if they are killed, these units will die over time but the timer is long and they can be affected by Adrenaline Gland Rush, they won’t chase units too far away from the Nydus Worms, all these units are fully upgraded versions of the Overminds unit pool, has a long cooldown, please note all units have 25% less health as a balance matter.


    Level 1: "The Overminds Greatness” The Overmind works like a hatchery and growths through stages like a hatchery would and thus only he is needed, allows more drones to work nearby mineral fields (6 more) and vespine refineries (1 more), Larva slot is increased by 3 and disables Hatcheries as the Overmind will regrow into a Stage 1 Overmind as long as other buildings or drones are still present.
    Level 2: "Swarm Strain: Devouring Ones” Replaces Zerglings with Devouring Ones strain, increasing the cost of zerglings by 5% and increasing their health by 10 and unlocks additional zergling upgrades at the Spawning Pool.
    - Metabolic Boost (Increases Zerglings movement speed by 30%, 100/100/60).
    - Hardened Carapace (Gives Zerglings a further 10 health increase, 150/150/90).
    - Bloodlust (Zergling can heal themselves for 5% of their health each time they kill a target (group kills apply here) as well as gain 20% attack speed passively, 200/200/120).
    Level 3: "Hydralisk and Impaler Cache” Unlocks Hydralisk and Impaler upgrades at the Hydralisk Den and Impaler Den.
    - Grooved Spines (Increases the Hydralisks attack range by 1, 100/100/60).
    - Ancillary Carapace (Hydralisks and Impalers gain 10% more heath, 150/150/90).
    - Hardbone Spikes (Impalers spines now stick up from the while burrowed damage units as they walk over them for 10 damage and for 5 damage if units are continuously standing on them, 150/150/90).
    Level 4: "Mutalisk Cache” Unlocks several upgrades of the Mutalisk at the Spire/Greater Spire.
    - Sundering Glaive (Gives the Mutalisks attacks +9 damage against armored units, 200/200/120).
    - Interlocking Scales (Gives the Mutalisk and the Devourer +1 armor, 150/175/90).
    - Vicious Glaive (Lets the Mutalisks attacks bounce up to three times, 150/150/70).
    Level 5: "Swarm Colonies Cache” Unlocks Upgrades for the Sunken Colony and the Impaler Colony at the Impaler Den, Also unlocks the Sunken Colonies ability for the Overmind.
    - Spore Clouds (Gives the Spore Colonies attacks 50% AoE damage, 150/100/90).
    - Grasping Mandibles (Gives the Impaler Colony the ability to grasp units with a second mandible attack in addition to their normal attack that effects one unit at a time, the unit takes 5 damage per second while stuck in the mandibles grasp until it is killed or the Impaler Colony is destroyed, 150/150/90)
    - Chemical Vibrations (Allows the Impaler Colony and Spore Colony to hit targets further away giving them +2 range, 100/100/60)
    Level 6: “Zerg Queen Cache" Unlocks several upgrades at the Defiler Mound for the Queen, automatically gives the Queen the ability to take off and fly and land again, while airborne the Queen is unable to attack and cannot Heal units or structures.
    - Ensnare (Enables the Queen to use Ensnare to trap enemies slowing them down and making them attack slower, Cloaked Units are no longer cloaked and can be seen by everyone, 100/100/80).
    - Spawn Parasites (Spawn Parasites can now infect mechanical units, causes 20 damage per second and now spawns 2 broodings upon infected units death, 150/150/90).
    -Gamete Meiosis (Gives the queen an Additional 50 max energy, Queens Start with 100 energy, Queens Heal now affect 3 units but the cost is increased by 50%, 150/200/160).
    Level 7: "Adrenaline Overhaul” Unlocks Several Upgrades at the Evolution Chamber retaining to movement, Unlocks Adrenaline Gland Rush commander ability for the Overmind allowing units to move and fight faster once affected.
    Level 8: “Defiler Cache" Unlocks several upgrades for the Defiler in the Defiler Mound.
    - Plague (Gives the Defiler the Plague ability that allows it to cover a small area with a Plague cloud that causes damage to all units and buildings inside it for 25 damage up to a maximum of 300 damage, it can bypasses shields (debatable for balance), 200/200/100).
    - Consume (Allows the Defiler to consume another zerg unit and giving it 75 energy regardless of what unit was consumed, this gives the Defiler a higher rate of attack speed as well in Rooted Defiler, 100/150/100).
    - Corrosive Burrowing (Allows the Defiler to move while burrowed at 50% normal movement speed, 150/150/70).
    Level 9: "Unlock: Devourer” Unlocks the Devourer for production, the devourer is a heavy anti-air unit from the original swarm morphed from Mutalisks, Devourers can use Corrosive Blast, also unlocks the following upgrade at the Greater Spire,
    - Corrosive Instability (Allows Corrosive Blast to hit ground units as well as boosting its damage by 10% and adding a AoE effect to it, 200,200, 120).
    - Rapid Regeneration (Gives the Mutalisk and Devourer 10 health regeneration per second when out of combat for at least 5 seconds, 150/150/60)
    Level 10: “Unlock: Ultralisk” Unlocks the Ultralisks for morphing into and several upgrades of the Ultralisks in the Ultralisk Cavern.
    - Monarch Blades (Gives the Ultralisks +20 extra splash damage, 150/150/90).
    - Tissue Assimilation (Ultralisks heal for 40% of the damage they deal with each attack, 150/150/60)
    Level 11: “Symbiotic Regeneration” With the Overminds Presence on the map all the players structures (not allied players) regenerate 5(10 for the Overmind) health per second when out of combat for at least 10 seconds.
    Level 12: “Overmind Upgrade Cache" Unlocks several upgrades at the Overmind for himself.
    - Improve Metabolism (Gives the Overminds energy generation a boost by 15%, 200/200/160).
    - Spore Colony Vats (Allows the Overmind to attack air units in a large perimeter while also giving him benefit of Spore Colony upgrades, 150/150/120).
    - Grand Meiosis (Gives the Overmind an Additional 100 max energy and increases his energy generation by 30% 300/300/200).
    - Adrenaline Rush (Upgrades the Adrenaline Gland Rush commander ability to last 5 seconds longer and the cloud moves faster across the map, 150/150/90)
    Level 13: “The Great Hungerer” As the title for the Overmind given by the protoss prophecy the Overmind leaves behind what seems to be minerals and vespine generating each income every 5 seconds when not in combat for both himself and the allied commander.
    Level 14: "Adaptive Plating” This lets Ultralisks , Hydralisks, Impalers and Mutalisks gain 4 extra armor for each 30% of health missing stacking up to 10(drops to 2 on the final set) until health is restored, The Overminds zerg take 10 seconds longer to morph as a result.
    Level 15: “The Unending Swarm” Unlocks The Unending Swarm commander ability letting the Overmind spawn a Nydus Worm(untargetable) anywhere on the map letting his swarm pour through it from another location far away in a near unending swarm to attack all nearby enemies, the amount of units is a lot and the life timer for these units are long.

    Authors Notes: Okay this was the hardest thing I had to come up with as im not one who runs with the zerg a lot outside of the HotS campaign so did my best here, a lot of this is basic the zerg layout with some added changes in hopes to balance things out with the Overminds abilities, basically the Overmind has three stages all of which are in unison of how Hatcheries work for others and are no different other than appearance changes, now I gave him all his SC1 units while they most likely won’t use the same models I noted the queen should least attempt to be one after a animation fix as she’ll start as a ground unit for lower level commanders for balance purposes before become the nostalgic flying one at level 6 by player choice, I decided to give him the Impaler and Impaler Colony as it seems they were being worked on during SC1s storyline but never made it into the sequences before the Overmind was destroyed so they replace the sunken colonies now, I decided to add the Devouring One strain for zerglings as they did exist in SC1 and are the most powerful strain something I would think the Overmind would love as his personal guard per say, now for the Defiler people seem to talk about I was thinking what to do with him compared to his SC1 counterpart so I fixed up some of his skills and added the burrowing one for him as he still lacks an attack of his own but I would say this is debatable as I originally had “Rooted Defiler (Lets the Defiler root itself into the ground turning it into an defensive unit and gives it a slow attack that does aoe damage and plagues the target and nearby targets for 30 damage over 2 seconds on top of its damage, the Defiler is unable to use Dark Swarm and Plague during Rooted but can use Consume, each attack made by the Defiler costs energy to use thus the slow attack speed, 200/150,100)” instead of Corrosive Burrowing to give him an attack as well as a unique defensive unit for the zerg but it sadly seemed way out of place another idea I had for him was reworking Consume to also have something passive added such as leeching energy from the life of targets he attacks as he would be able to in this case, now for some of these upgrades such as level 14 Adaptive Plating and level 13 The Great Hungerer I was sitting for hours trying to figure out something unique that didn’t just completely boost units while trying to make them useless and not ridiculously overpowered, now the big selling points for the Overmind are the fact his has an ability bar similar to swan, raynor, artanis, karax and vorazun but in a zerg theme design in the way they work and that they also have decent length cooldowns and energy costs for Adrenaline Gland Rush which uses a purple cloud effect to pass along the map and effect allies as well as your zerg units and then The Unending Swarm I originally had this use rift like portals as the Overmind can transport himself and his zerg through them but it seemed too void related so I changed them to a simple 3 Nydus Worm related thing, now the main playstyle I would imagine for the Overmind is to make his units not only cost slightly more to compensate for buffs, the extra larva and the intact of resources but he will try and swarm his most dangerous combinations together such as Ultralisks and Defilers with Zerglings for consumption to use Dark Swarm more often this is also why Ultralisks aren’t unlocked till way later as well due to other buffs you unlock and research, and to top it off this Overmind could be a actual canon character if done right as if you player the WoL campaign a certain scientist found the exact Overmind strain ;p.

    Don’t know what else to add so someone please mention something like another combination even as I do enjoy hearing feedback.
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    Because Covert Ops is obviously introducing unit concepts for them to do this...


    Initial units: Marine (Stimpack), Reaper (Stimpack), Ghost (Snipe, EMP Shot, Nuke), Hellion (Hellbat), Siege Tank (Siege Mode), Wraith (Cloak)

    Calldown: Nova: Summons Nova to fight for 60 seconds. Nova has the Cloak, Pulse Bomb and Domination abilities. 180 second cooldown.


    Level 1: "Spec. Ops." Nova's research upgrades research 20% faster.
    Level 2: "Automated Refineries." Nova's refineries mine vespene without needing SCVs.
    Level 3: "Infantry Cache Upgrade." Unlocks Marine and Reaper upgrades at the tech lab.
    - Marine gets Super Stimpack (heals Marine 20 damage on use), Reaper gets Deploy Spider Mine (can deploy Spider Mines)
    Level 4: "Unlock: Spectre." Unlocks Spectres for production. Spectres come with Mind Blast, Psionic Lash, sand Nuke abilities.
    Level 5: "Unlock: Banshee." Unlocks Banshee for production. Banshees come with Cloak.
    Level 6: "Factory Upgrade Cache." Unlocks Hellion and Siege Tank upgrades at the tech lab.
    - Hellions get Jump Jets (Hellbats leap towards enemies on attack) and Terrazine Fuel Tanks (Hellbat and Hellions deal an additional +12 (+8 to light) damage), Siege Tanks get Laser Targeting System (attack range +2) and Hover Jets (Siege Tanks can slowly move while in Siege Mode)
    Level 7: "Calldown: Nova Squadron." Unlocks Nova Squadron calldown. Nova Squadron summons four Elite Ghosts with higher stats and full upgrades to fight for 30 seconds. 240 second cooldown.
    Level 8: "Saboteur." Cloaked units deal an additional +20% attack damage when undetected.
    Level 9: "Starport Upgrade Cache." Unlocks Wraith and Banshee upgrades at the tech lab.
    - Tomahawk Power Cells (Wraith and Banshee consume 50% less energy when cloaked), Displacement Field (Wraiths and Banshees have a 25% chance to evade attacks when cloaked)
    Level 10 "Covert Ops Upgrade Cache." Unlocks upgrades for the Ghost and Spectre at the Covert Ops.
    - Cellular Reactor (Ghost and Spectre energy +100, starting energy +100), Lockdown Rounds (Ghost's EMP Shot stuns mechanical units for 5 seconds and disables enemy detectors caught in blast), Psionic Fury (Spectre's Psionic Lash deals splash damage)
    Level 11: "Nova Elite." Nova Squadron cooldown also summons two elite Spectres.
    Level 12: "Infiltrator." Cloaked units in range 8 of an enemy detector move 50% faster and attack 25% faster.
    Level 13: "Determined Operative." Nova calldown lasts 30 seconds longer when summoned and has increased energy regeneration.
    Level 14: "Call Down The Thunder." Nukes build at the Covert Ops twice as fast and each Covert Ops can hold up to three nukes.
    Level 15: "Master Assassin." Nova, Ghosts, and Spectres, gain permanent cloaking.
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    June 2007 - I predicted the Protoss campaign would give you new tech as you conducted diplomacy among tribes.

    Hidden Content:
    July 18th 2010 - I predicted Raynor would broadcast information of Mengsk's actions on Tarsonis to discredit him and incite rebellion.

    Hidden Content:
    June 16th 2010 I predicted the Voice in the Darkness was the commanding force behind the Hybrids. I'm calling it half-right.

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    Default Re: Co-Op Commander Theorycrafting

    Because I is teh bored.

    Mira Han

    Initial units: Marine (War Pig), Marauder (Hammer Securities), Siege Tank (Siege Breakers), Goliath (Spartan Company)

    Calldown: Nuke: Targets an area for a nuke. Cooldown 300 seconds.


    Level 1: "Merc Contract." Mira's four base offensive units cost 50% more resources and have 50% longer build times, but are mercenary units with higher HP and power. Mira's units operate like Protoss warp gates - when she builds a Marine, it builds instantly, and then takes time to regenerate a charge equal to the unit's normal build time. Each offensive structure can hold three "charges".
    Level 2: "Scavenger." Enemy buildings destroyed by merc units drop resource pick-ups (think Kerrigan's Assimilation Aura)
    Level 3: "Unlock: Medic." Unlocks Medics for production. Medics are normal units, not mercs, but are built the same way.
    Level 4: "Infantry Upgrade Cache." Unlocks infantry upgrades at the Tech Lab
    - Merc Stims (last 100% longer, 150/150/90), U-238 Rounds (Marines gain +2 range, 150/150/90), Thermite Payload (Marauder attacks deal splash damage, 200/200/120)
    Level 5: "Unlock: Vulture." Unlocks Vultures for production. Vultures are normal units, not mercs, but are built the same way.
    Level 6: "Factory Upgrade Cache." Unlocks factory upgrades at the Tech Lab.
    - Napalm Charges (Spider Mines spray nearby area with fire, dealing additional damage to enemies that touch the flames. 100/100/60), Charon Boosters (Goliath air attack +3 range and +2 damage, 150/150/90), Accelerated Rails (Siege Tanks can attack air units at 50% normal range, 200/200/120)
    Level 7: "Unlock: Merc Compound." Unlocks Merc Compound for production. Merc Compound can research unique upgrades for merc-type units.
    - Rapid Reinforcement (merc hiring cooldown -20%, 150/150/90), Magistrate's Doctrine (can set units to auto-build when a charge is stored for them, 150/150/90)
    Level 8: "Unlock: Planetary Fortress." Unlocks Planetary Fortress for production. Planetary Fortresses can attack ground and air units, deal splash damage, and have increased HP and armor.
    Level 9: "Unlock: Starport." Unlocks Starport for construction. Starports can build Medivacs and Wraiths.
    Level 10 "Calldown: Jackson's Revenge." Can call down the Jackson's Revenge to fight for 60 seconds. Jackson's Revenge comes with EMP Field (the electric field from the pirate ships), Missile Pods, and Defensive Matrix. 240 second cooldown.
    Level 11: "Expanded Contract." Mira's merc units can now store up to five charges.
    Level 12: "Starport Upgrade Cache." Unlocks air upgrades at the Tech Lab
    - Advanced AI (Medivac can heal two units at once, 150/150/90), Deployment Tubes (Medivac deploys units instantly, 150/150/90), Strafe Targeting Systems (Wraiths can attack while moving, 200/200/120)
    Level 13: "Jackon's Reinforcements." Jackson's Revenge can train merc units. Spawns with 2 charges each.
    Level 14: "Mercenary Upgrade Cache." Unlocks merc upgrades at the Merc Compound.
    - Reimbersement (Mira recovers 25% the cost of her killed merc units, 200/200/120), Competitive Edge (merc units deal +20% more damage, 200/200/120)
    Level 15: "Extended Hours." Han's maximum supply is set to 200.
    SC2 handle - "DrakeyC, code 929"

    I ARE A PROPHET! I've predicted three major aspects of SC2 correct, more or less.

    June 2007 - I predicted the Protoss campaign would give you new tech as you conducted diplomacy among tribes.

    Hidden Content:
    July 18th 2010 - I predicted Raynor would broadcast information of Mengsk's actions on Tarsonis to discredit him and incite rebellion.

    Hidden Content:
    June 16th 2010 I predicted the Voice in the Darkness was the commanding force behind the Hybrids. I'm calling it half-right.

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