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Thread: Doing an LP of the Trilogy...

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    Default Doing an LP of the Trilogy...

    Did a bunch of test videos for audio-leveling, video quality, stuff like that; have a 'to-do' list for Wings written up (mission order, achievement requirements for each mission, research/armory/merc loadouts), and a general idea of what to do for HotS. As for LotV, I'll be doing the Aiur missions and the first mission arc after that unrecorded, then restarting so I have a general idea of what I'm getting into, gameplay-wise.

    Anyway, I just did a recording of Liberation Day, and I was antsy, but it's literally my first let's play video. That's not really the problem. Turns out, I'm pretty horrible at improvising (imagine that, a newbie let's player being full of 'ums' and pauses). For at least a while, I'm obviously gonna need to more rigidly script each video. So give me some ideas. Making this clear right now: unless something truly horrible happens, plot-wise, I'm not gonna be bitching about the story. Every let's play of this game that wasn't day-of-release has done that to death.

    Instead, I wanna focus on the following stuff:
    1. Explain what to do for the achievements.
    2. Show off odd strategies.
    3. Introduce people who haven't played the series (most of my friends) to the gameplay.
    4. Related to the above, explain what I'm doing and how (hotkeys, control groups, what does what, &c).
    5. Give a bit of a primer on the setting and first game's plot.
    6. Most of all, explain a lot of the cut content for each mission, unit, stuff like that; elaborate on the development-side of the game.

    1. Should be easy enough to do that in a few seconds.
    2. Again, easy enough. This is hard, not brutal -- there is definitely room to dick around.
    3/4. Most of this stuff is muscle memory, so I was literally drawing blanks on how to explain it.
    5. Small doses? Use loading screens for said small doses? Explain it all in a couple minutes before I even start the first cutscene? No idea how to do that without it being a non-stop barrage. Should I do little bios for each major character during the briefing screen (not cutscene) once they first appear?
    6. Easy enough, just compile notes. How much detail is too much, though? Would explaining the myriad cut armory upgrades as I unlock the units, as well as the impact those upgrades would have be interesting? Cut missions? Cut... cutscenes?

    Basically, never done gameplay vids before. Based on what I want to talk about, how should I go about scripting it? I figure I can get most of the basic gameplay info dumped by the middle of Zero Hour. What about explaining the story of the series up to this game?

    Above all else: at least for Wings of Liberty's first few missions, should I maybe consider post-commentary to get in the groove of it?
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    Default Re: Doing an LP of the Trilogy...

    I look forward to seeing it.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: Doing an LP of the Trilogy...

    Sounds interesting, may tune in (provided your voice is pleasant, no offense). If I may point out this, though:

    Show off odd strategies.
    I've dicked around in the campaigns a lot and have my share to contribute

    In general, remember the "hidden" Feat of Strength achievements.

    Outbreak - show how good Reapers are for this one.
    The Dig - try using the laser drill offensively to attack their bases and show well dug-in the Tal'darim are.
    In Utter Darkness - Intending to use the Gateway-Colossus wall-off?
    Any HotS mission - mutate 2000 banelings and just let them roll over the enemy base/objective
    SC2 handle - "DrakeyC, code 929"

    I ARE A PROPHET! I've predicted three major aspects of SC2 correct, more or less.

    June 2007 - I predicted the Protoss campaign would give you new tech as you conducted diplomacy among tribes.

    Hidden Content:
    July 18th 2010 - I predicted Raynor would broadcast information of Mengsk's actions on Tarsonis to discredit him and incite rebellion.

    Hidden Content:
    June 16th 2010 I predicted the Voice in the Darkness was the commanding force behind the Hybrids. I'm calling it half-right.

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    Default Re: Doing an LP of the Trilogy...

    I'm actually gonna be using spider mines on The Dig (they only have detection at the ramps, not the canyons between the ramps ), alongside nuking the entrance of their base and leveling it with diamondbacks, marauders and marines. Srsly. Gonna see if I can use the laser only for the temple and shrines. Also, I've decided on post-commentary. Any dead-air can be dealt with in takes.

    As for Outbreak and reapers, I almost wonder if reapers were meant for that mission and hellions were meant for Devil's Playground, at least way earlier in development. Reapers are obscene on Outbreak (as are siege tanks on the ledges at your base, in my experience), and hellions are actually useful on Devil's Playground, surprisingly. Also, I'm not going science vessel because muh challenge.

    EDIT: Not having spider-mines by the Dig, looking at this run's notes. I've done it before, it's glorious.
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    Default Re: Doing an LP of the Trilogy...

    That got postponed for various reasons, not the least of which was my entire household coming down what could be colourfully described as weaponized influenza. While that was going down, I realized that doing a day-of-release Legacy of the Void playthrough was a horrible idea for a variety of reasons:

    1. There were literally dozens (and this was obviously the case in October);
    2. I wouldn't be finished Heart of the Swarm at the rate I'd've been playing, editing and uploading; and,
    3. While I could do Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm in the style I was planning on right away, Legacy of the Void would by necessity require several playthroughs and really digging into post-release interviews and other stuff.

    So yeah, I'm getting things set up (have a comfortable test recording and hate my voice not because it sucks but because I rarely ever hear my voice; leveling is fine), making in-depth scripts for the now-decided-upon post-commentary and I'll be starting it soon™.
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