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Thread: Yet Another Thread, or: More Unlockable Reskins for All!

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    Default Yet Another Thread, or: More Unlockable Reskins for All!

    Another copy-paste, whatever. I'm not gonna tailor different threads for the same topic on a different forum about the same game. Here goes!

    So I've seen people suggest a variety of ways we could increase customization for our armies. It's a cool little perk for players, and if it's banned in tournaments (professional and automated), I don't really see it being too much of a problem when it comes to visual legibility.

    I've seen people suggest the current level-up and CE/DD unlocks are a good system, and to build upon that. I agree, honestly. It's a good system, incentivises and rewards at least semi-dedicated playing. Bump up the level cap to 50 or 60 and you can add quite a few more that would take a much longer time to get, making them ever-so-slightly more exclusive.

    I've also seen microtransactions. A lot of people don't like this idea, but it could work if done right. But that's not what this thread is about (I might start another one on how Blizzard could do MT and DLC in a way that wouldn't piss off everyone).

    But what about unlocks for completing certain tasks beyond just buying the special version or leveling up? Here are a few examples:

    A custom skin that gives all your marines the Jim Raynor decals (which I don't believe are unlockable currently). You know, the skull on the visor, the snake on the shoulders? Still team-coloured like the multiplayer marine, but with a bit of the model changes as well. How would you unlock this? Beat Wings of Liberty on Brutal. Now you get a portrait that you might never use, and a skin you might be more inclined to use. Other campaign accomplishments for the other installments could do similar. Beat the game in under 6 hours on Hard or better? New skin for something or other. Swarm queen for casting rapid transfuse 200 times (actually, that could be cheesed easy. Let's say restoring 5,000 damage as a placeholder), stuff like that. Add new achievements to account for it.

    Allied Commanders could be cool for this too. We saw today that the dark pylon from WoL's alpha returns in this. Why not make that a custom skin for mastering Vorazun? Hunter Killer skin for mastering Zagara?

    Beating so many tournaments as a given race could unlock new decals and skins as well, as could beating a larger number of tournaments as any race (say five tournaments as zerg, or 20 tournaments as any race, both of which would net different decals, portraits or skins).

    I might post a selection of specific ideas, just to give everyone the kind of things that could unlock new skins (and associated achievements, where they don't exist—they need to be tracked somehow, for both the under-the-hood stuff and the player).

    This could even be done for custom advisors, though it seems Blizzard hasn't been so keen on that idea in the past.

    In the interest of examples:

    Terran/Wings of Liberty campaign:
    Command Center reskin - Command Center Reactor: unlock all 20 research options (requires multiple playthroughs).
    Marauder reskin - Rory Swann (w̄ enclosed helmet): finish all armory achievements (requires multiple playthroughs).
    Battlecruiser reskin - Loki: unlock all mercenaries on Brutal in one playthough (not difficult, but limits available credits elsewhere).
    Call-Down Supply Depot animation: use Call-Down: Extra Supplies 100 times in campaign or multiplayer. SCV must still be present, but instead of building it, it maintains a flare for the normal build time, and the supply depot lands with the same animation as in WoL campaign.
    Matt Horner advisor: complete all 29 missions on Brutal.
    Jim Raynor advisor: max out Jim Raynor in Allied Commanders.
    Rory Swann advisor: max out Rory Swann in Allied Commanders.
    General Warfield advisor: complete the campaign in under eight hours on Hard or Brutal (Hurry Up, It's Raid Night with a difficulty restriction).

    Zerg/Heart of the Swarm campaign:
    Hatchery reskin - Mutant Hatchery: complete all 27 missions on Brutal. Would need a new model, but it's a common building, and it wouldn't need to be brand new.
    Queen reskin - Swarm Queen: heal 5,000 damage with Swarm Queens in campaign.
    Hydralisk reskin - Hunter Killer: max out Zagara on Allied Commanders (won't unlock Advisor since the current advisor is a queen and has the same actress and sounds identical; could change the portrait to Zagara's, while giving the Hydra reskin, at least. Nice little tweak, right?).
    Abathur advisor: unlock all 14 evolutions (requires multiple playthroughs).
    Queen of Blades advisor: max out the Queen of Blades in Allied Commanders.
    Sarah Kerrigan advisor: complete a run of the campaign on Brutal without Kerrigan killing a single unit or structure unless the mission requires it (hero missions).
    Arcturus Mengsk advisor: complete the campaign in under six hours on Hard or Brutal (six instead of 8 because the game is a third shorter). New achievement: Hurry Up, It's Swarm Night.

    Protoss/Legacy of the Void campaign:
    Nexus reskin - Heart of the Conclave: complete all missions on Brutal, even the choice or optional ones (if they exist).
    Archon reskin - Dark Archon: do something suitable. I don't care what, we all want this.
    Artanis advisor: max out Artanis in Allied Commanders.
    Vorazun advisor: max out Vorazun in Allied Commanders.
    Zeratul advisor: complete the campaign in an appropriately fast amount of time on Hard or Brutal.
    [Left out unit reskins for the most part because we have no idea what's in besides the Brood War stuff.]

    Amon advisor: win ten tournaments per race. Can be used on all races since every race has groups working for Amon.
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