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Thread: Is JohnnyZeWolf/DonnyZeDoof Retarded?

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    Default Is JohnnyZeWolf/DonnyZeDoof Retarded?

    Read on and discuss.

    I challenge the retard to a proper debate on all of his bullshit claims. I look forward to curb-stomping him with actual facts (I doubt any of us will be seeing anything remotely resembling a fact coming from him, but let's not discount it, now).

    Also, let's lay a rule down. SJWs are notorious pack hunters, so let's get this straight. In the hypothetical debate thread, only I may post, and only he may post, until a third party moderation concludes the debate.

    Of course, he's too much of a pussy to actually exercise critical thinking, so I know he'll turn this down (either by never replying, or saying it is somehow beneath him to discuss something with someone who has a different view than him).
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    Default Re: Is JohnnyZeWolf/DonnyZeDoof Retarded?

    I... the fuck is going on?
    Aaand sold.

    Be it through hallowed grounds or lands of sorrow
    The Forger's wake is bereft and fallow

    Is the residuum worth the cost of destruction and maiming;
    Or is the shaping a culling and exercise in taming?

    The road's goal is the Origin of Being
    But be wary through what thickets it winds.

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    Default Re: Is JohnnyZeWolf/DonnyZeDoof Retarded?

    This how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whisper.

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