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Thread: Whispers of Oblivion: Campaign Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eivind View Post
    I've missed this place.
    Welcome back, friend.

    ...I have no idea who you are.

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    Another thing

    - What is the final piece of the prophecy? In mission 1 Zeratul says "Only one piece of the prophecy remains unfulfilled: that on the world where Amon was reborn, the last light will be revealed."

    There was no such thing in the Wings of Liberty prophecy. Where did this come from? Did they just retcon the prophecy? I thought this was done and over with during Wings of Liberty, but no, they literally just asspulled this out of nowhere for the prologue. Blizzard actually thinks it's so good they had to do it again. WHY? :$
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    ^ Zeratul must have forgotton to take his meds again (or took too much)?

    The only unfulfilled piece of the prophecy (the one the Preservers intrepreted) is the "devouring all light and hope/It ends in utter darkness" bit, unless you want to take the Overminds vision as fate. I assume what is meant was that there's just more verses to the prophecy than what we got. So, by "unfulfilled", he really meant incomplete? Who knows? Guess we can add "incoherent" to the growing number of adjectives to describe the writing.
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    I remember the writers were like "well, it's not really a prophecy in that someone looked into the future. It was more, someone set events in motion and had incredible foresight, and said these events would cause these events to happen."

    Okay, I'll buy that, the Xel'naga are super-advanced. If you tried to explain to a medieval knight that a weatherman can examine the atmosphere and predict the weather weeks in advance, it'll sound like prophecy.

    And then comes the LotV trailer and we see a stone carving of Kerrigan in a temple. At this point, fuck you.
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    I want this arc to be a lie on Zeratul. I really would feel better knowing the BW didn't leave him right in the head.

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    I'm starting to get used to Zeratul's voice actor. He sounds kind of poetic at times like Jack Ritschel did, but still just not hitting it for me because all I can think of is Cairne Bloodhoof.
    Honestly, if Zeratul was actually played by William Bassett he probably would sound a lot better. William Bassett genuinely sounds old, his voice wouldn't sound so put-on. Bassett's voice isn't really deep or ominous enough, though.

    I like Fred Tatasciore in a lot of stuff, he's just so, so miscast as Zeratul. His voice doesn't sound naturally aged enough. W. Morgan Sheppard would have been PERFECT, and especially in 2011 would have probably been willing and able to do it. Or even their usual Jack Ritschel replacement Earl Boen would have been good.

    I can list a bunch of other actors I think who would've been perfect really.

    David Warner
    Miguel Ferrer
    John Rhys Davies

    Among others. Even Jim Cummings (who I thought it was when we first saw the cinematic preview for WoL) would have been great.

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    ive seen tricia helfer in other shows in which she is decent, yet in SC2 her voice acting for kerrigan is "whiny". Everything wrong with SC2 story can be boiled down to the directing and writing; its poor. I doubt Fred Tatasciore cant do zeratul well, its merely he is being dealt a bad script and not getting direction on how Zeratul is supposed to be like.

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