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Thread: What Are You Watching?

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    So, in preparation for the next season, I'm rewatching Dark on Netflix. This is an "S" tier show that must be watched on its own without distractions. I heavily recommend you also watch it in German, because I'm a snob for originals.

    It's been a rewatch heavy month so "Catedral of the Sea" was also on the recently watched series. "A" tier historical series.

    On a more casual note I've been watching a channel called "Sideways", which analyses and deconstructs movie music and the scenes where they do ambiance. He is a great essay builder and gives credit were it's due. Found other great channels thanks to him.

    A snippet of "Sideways":
    Hidden Content:

    Also dove back into the first season of Spartacus. Hell, I remember the top notch drama more than violence and sex, but the violence and sex do have to be the defining features of that show. In relation to the previous posts, it's ahead by a decade on the topic of representation; and without being dishonest or compromising the plot to push an agenda that did not exist yet. I'll slap it next to Sense 8 and I tu Mamá También on stuff that should be watched alone.

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    Ooh, Dark is on my list, too! Been waiting for the last season so I can watch it one go.

    Spartacus is fricking awesome! All hail Batiatus! Man, I'd love to see a "swear off" between him, Deadwood's Al Swearengen and The Thick of It's Malcolm Tucker.

    I'm currently going through the original anime, Death Note, for the first time. The dense plotting and the in-universe, self awareness of the characters and their motivations makes for some unpredictable and speedy turn of events. The rate they burn through character material that would usually take other shows a whole season to reveal/develop does make some of the later contrivances they include feel kinda "convenient". It's almost as if they're artificially extending the plot. Thankfully, it's only 37 episodes.
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