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Not sure if you were just saying this as a joke or not but, in case you weren't: First one was the bounty hunter in Altered Carbon season 2. She's in a relation with another woman and have a kid. She's supposed to be notoriously good at her job but I think I'd feel more threaten by a little kitten. She helps Kovacs throughout the season and have a lame backstory that tie-in with the main plot.

Second one was in Star Wars 9. When the crew lands near the death star's wreckage, this random girl comes out of nowhere and tries to act cool. Flinn or w/e his name is, briefly bound with her because she is also a former storm trooper(and idk if it's just me but he looks like he's flirting with her a bit? another addition to the harem with Rose and Mary Sue I guess). Then she reappears later riding a horse on a ship cause it's "cool". Then at the end of the movie she tells Lando "idk where I'm from" or something like that, to which Lando replies "lets find out". So yeah, to quote kids nowadays: "it's cringe af".
I don't feel anymore enlightened. Both Altered Carbon season 2 and SW9 were so easily forgettable to me.

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Honestly, y'all are making me happier than ever that i don't own a television.
People still watch shows on an actual television?