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Thread: What Are You Watching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandwich_bird View Post
    Not sure if you were just saying this as a joke or not but, in case you weren't: First one was the bounty hunter in Altered Carbon season 2. She's in a relation with another woman and have a kid. She's supposed to be notoriously good at her job but I think I'd feel more threaten by a little kitten. She helps Kovacs throughout the season and have a lame backstory that tie-in with the main plot.

    Second one was in Star Wars 9. When the crew lands near the death star's wreckage, this random girl comes out of nowhere and tries to act cool. Flinn or w/e his name is, briefly bound with her because she is also a former storm trooper(and idk if it's just me but he looks like he's flirting with her a bit? another addition to the harem with Rose and Mary Sue I guess). Then she reappears later riding a horse on a ship cause it's "cool". Then at the end of the movie she tells Lando "idk where I'm from" or something like that, to which Lando replies "lets find out". So yeah, to quote kids nowadays: "it's cringe af".
    I don't feel anymore enlightened. Both Altered Carbon season 2 and SW9 were so easily forgettable to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nissa View Post
    Honestly, y'all are making me happier than ever that i don't own a television.
    People still watch shows on an actual television?
    Yes, that's right! That is indeed ME on the right.


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    Just finished watching Dark. Spoilers follow...

    The convolutions in it's presentation of time travel are pretty good and consistent and it rivals that of the 12 Monkeys TV series. However, I think Season 3 bit off more than it could chew when it included the alternate world characters and how they overlapped with the time travel shenanigans. It never explained how this was possible (ooh, there's a magic orb that just does it but is never explained how it was developed - not even in a bootstrap paradox way which they used to explain everything else). It did spend some time to flesh that concept but it was still kinda hazy trying to piece which of the characters in the initial universe we were seeing, may or may not have been influenced by the alternate universe/Eva. Then, they slammed another piece of sci-fiction in the form of the Quantum Entanglement/Schrodinger's Cat situation with Jonas without really adequately exploring or developing it in the last few episodes. This concept would have worked better as the basis of fourth season since the lack of explanation (which, to be fair, isn't their fault since Quantum entanglement literally makes no sense yet physics says is possible) makes it feel like it was used more for the sake of convenient cop-out/a shocking plot twist to have Jonas die but not die than anything else.

    The reveal of a third world/universe (which, too, could've been explored in another season really) was neat and symbolic of things being a triad and not a dyad, but it felt like another sci-fi concept piled-on with insufficient build-up to give a neat resolution to the story. That the story ends with them invoking the grandfather paradox for real (preventing their own existence) when prior to that the majority of the show systematically denies this at all levels, kind of ruins the consistent logic that they maintained up to that point. It also sort of gives off the "it was all a dream/it never really happened" vibe, which is kinda irksome after having invested in the characters and the show at large. I suppose it can be explained that the prevention of time travel in the third/origin world was due to a Quantum Entanglement/Schrodinger's Cat situation in which time travel exists (as the show depicts) and doesn't exist (due to interference of an alternate overlapping universe that also happens to not actually exist... somehow) at the same time. Bleh.
    Yes, that's right! That is indeed ME on the right.


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    Watching Gundam Orphans on Netflix.

    Gives me some inspiration for writing my own gritty scifi.

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