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It's' inefficient for gameplay,
Please elaborate on this, because if anything, it makes gameplay MORE efficient by driving the economy into a "midgame" mindset rightaway and creates more opportunity for 1 basing to not be all-in, but have strong pressure to be able to segue into a macro game if the opponent reacted correctly, with the aggressor being only slightly behind, while the opponent reacting INCORRECTLY equates to them losing. I'd love your elaboration on what exactly is inefficient in the gameplay aspect of this change.

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There's a certain charm that I think I'd miss if they removed that.
I am sorry, but I don't get this. What's the charm? I only see a fully saturated mineral line as a tool for expanding on time and for optimizing strategy. Aesthetically, they do nothing for the viewer, except indicate if a player is a noob at managing Starcraft economies or not.

No offense, if you are a new player to SC2.