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Thread: Legacy of the Void multiplayer changes

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    Default Legacy of the Void multiplayer changes

    Hi all,
    I just noticed that Blizzard wrote a page on the multiplayer changes as they stand today:

    They really want to push the micro gameplay vs the macro game and make everything faster, to do so they went to change the mineral and gas amount per base and the initial worker number:

    General Gameplay Changes

    There are two changes to the general core-gameplay elements of StarCraft II. Both changes are aimed at making Legacy of the Void multiplayer a more action-packed experience.

    Resource tweaks
    In order to encourage aggression, we intend to create more places to attack. To do this, we’re incentivizing faster expansions by decreasing the resources on Mineral Fields and Vespene Geysers by 33%. Combined with our unit changes for each race, this should make mid-game aggression much more potent and viable.
    Mineral Fields now hold 1,000 Minerals instead of 1,500
    Vespene Geysers now hold 1,700 Vespene Gas instead of 2,500
    Starting worker count
    In order to generally reduce the passive time-periods in the game, we’re increasing the starting worker count from 6 workers to 12 workers. The supply granted by the Command Center, Nexus, and Hatchery are being increased to account for this.
    I personally dislike this take, I'm not so good at micro and making the game even faster may lead to a differentiation between players based mostly on the amount of time they can dedicate to the game and to improve their speed, while strategy and macro skills will matter less.

    All the other change to units are described in that article.

    What do you think of these changes?

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    Default Re: Legacy of the Void multiplayer changes

    Oh wow, LotV is going to make a huge difference in the MP. Don't know yet what to think about this, but this is the one area that Blizzard rarely disappoints.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: Legacy of the Void multiplayer changes

    Ya, the WCS commentators (especially Tasteless) were pretty shocked by the changes, but also optimistic.
    It's basically going to change ALL current Starcraft builds. How are you going to 9-pool when you start out with 12 workers? :P

    So this now becomes a great entry point for people who haven't experienced Starcraft 2, as well as bring old players back. There's so many changes going on that everyone is on level footing again (kinda... your APM is still going to suck ).
    Lets face is. Starcraft 2 is getting stale. It needs a good shake. Vets are probably going to hate it though.

    We'll have to see how it plays out. Like TheEconomist said, Blizzard rarely disappoints with this kind of thing. Balance is Blizzards thang yo :P

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    Default Re: Legacy of the Void multiplayer changes

    I'm not that thrilled with the blatent lack of quality of life buffs to early/midgame protoss while terren and zerg got a new array of buffs and new units that can curbstomp toss early game.
    1 reaper, 2 hercs, reaper cliffjumps, hercs grapple reaper into base= dead probes or the siege tank drops. Cyclone can kite to death anything (although the exhibition plays show pretty well a lot of the new units are broken)

    Blizzard said they had other units in the I'm guessing they have something else in store for protoss and are weighing hellbat vs herc; both of them fill the same roll. If herc stays I'm betting hellbat is going into retirement.

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    Default Re: Legacy of the Void multiplayer changes

    12 Pool is the new way to go!

    All the new units are OP.

    I got destroyed by Bomber.

    Blizzard wants to improve the SC2 multiplayer fun by differentiating a competitive mode from a casual one. I'm really excited for both. Allied commander is the casual counterpart. According to the snips of information, we are getting something like EVE/Sims to tie all the matches up.

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    Default Re: Legacy of the Void multiplayer changes

    Quote Originally Posted by unknownone View Post
    What do you think of these changes?
    I'm thrilled. I was so worried they wouldn't address the econ issues with SC2 because that was holding it back, no question. Bringing back the chance at small skirmishes across the entire map and making it less likely that games are building towards 200 vs 200 supply battles.
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