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    Default Legacy of the Void Idea Thread

    Because someone else would if I didn't.

    Anyway, a few mechanic ideas. Upgrades will be similar to Wings of Liberty, mixed with Heart of the Swarm. Upgrades are not permanent, la Heart of the Swarm; you can switch one upgrade to another between missions as you please. However, unlocking the upgrade isn't as simple as Heart of the Swarm -- you must spend a hefty sum of [resource mechanic here] to unlock them. But once you have unlocked the ability to upgrade a unit, you have all the upgrades at your disposal.

    Second mechanic: instead of OP unit final upgrades, as with Heart of the Swarm, upon unlocking the unit in a mission, you can heroify it -- Champions, it should be called. There should be two Champion versions per unit; unlike the upgrades, these are permanent. They supremely buff the unit, and it gains a new ability. If you have a zealot, you can pay the cost of the zealot to upgrade it. A zealot costs 100 minerals. To upgrade a given Zealot to a Champion zealot, you would have to spend an additional 100 minerals for each zealot you want to upgrade on the battlefield, but it would be well-worth it.

    Anyway, let's get building upgrades out of the way.

    Building Upgrades:

    Optional Base Deployments:
    Shield Battery: increases shield regen rate by 300% in area, passively (free).
    Monolith: dark pylon; cloaks all units in area (free)
    Obelisk: light pylon; regens energy to units in area (costs one Obelisk energy to restore 5 energy to unit)

    Redundant Probe Manufacturing Facility: probes build 2 at a time.
    Deploy Mothership Core: deploys a mothership core; unlike multiplayer, you can have one per nexus, but it is permanently bound to the nexus -- it cannot move.
    Warp Assimilator: assimilators automatically gather vespene.

    Photon Cannon:
    Prism Cannon: cannons can bounce shots to another cannon within five range; basically, this lets you place them throughout your base instead of in clumps and still be able to support one spot. Can bounce up to three times.
    Phase Cannon: cannon can teleport anywhere within five range.
    Void Cannon: cannon cloaks when not firing.

    Warp-In Efficiency Protocol: reduces build time and cost of gateway units by 20%.
    Warp-Gate: can warp units anywhere.
    Healing Shrine: heals biological units in range, no cost, at the speed of zerg regen.

    Enhanced Khaydarin Core: pylons provide +2 power range.
    Psionic Beacon: pylons provide +4 psi.
    Pylon Warp Beacon: pylons warp in in 3 seconds.

    Gateway Units:

    Sacrifice: on death, deals 20 damage to all enemy units in 2 range.
    Overcharge: gains charge ability, which also deals 125% attack damage on impact.
    Leg Enhancements: plus 33% speed.
    Adept: gains psionic lance, which deals same damage at range 1, instead of range 0.
    Scion Zealot: gains a powerful ability, the Path of Light: this ability stuns the Scion, but deals major damage in a straight line to range 6.

    Greater Blink: blink range increases by 3, cooldown reduced by 20%.
    Particle Disintegrators: deals same damage, plus additional 50% damage over time.
    Particle Energizers: increases anti-air range by 4 and anti-ground range by 2.
    Prowler: gains cloaking ability, and non-blink cliff-jump (can still blink as well).
    Usurping Stalker: blink instantly kills non-Massive unit if the Usurper blinks into it.

    Sentry: (default abilities: Guardian Shield, Hallucination)
    Molecular Discharge: having no attack by default; this upgrade gives it a medium strength bouncing attack that functions like the mutalisk's.
    Null Void: prevents enemy spellcasting in wide-area.
    Entomb: disables target unit, placing it in a 200HP shield that can be targetted.
    Replicant: you all know what this does.
    Stasis Sentry: gains Arbiter's stasis field ability.

    High Templar:
    Archon Meld: two high templar can join to become Archons.
    Psionic Surge: psi storm becomes cooldown based, but costs no energy.
    Khaydarin Amulet: energy regens twice as fast; +75 max/starting energy.
    Judicer: gains a weak area-effect psionic attack, which stuns units in area. Long-range, making it a debuffing sniper.
    Twilight Templar: adept in the dark templar void arts, the high templar can cloak, and gains a long-range strong ST attack.

    Dark Templar:
    Dark Archon Meld: two dark templar can join to become Dark Archons. Same as Brood War.
    Warp Scythe: changes appearance to scythe-wield; attack deals 2X damage as with firebat attack in BW (attacks target twice in one swing).
    Dark Aura: blinds target unit permanently.
    Hunter Templar: gains blink.
    Purifier: see Soul Hunter from WoL Alpha.

    Robotics Facility Units:

    Dragoon-class Chassis: can attack air, though AA damage is reduced by 30%.
    Swivel Turret (good name, innit?): can attack on the move.
    Secondary Shield Generator: +50% shield points.
    Undying: functions like the Torrasque, because that'd be awesome and you all know it. Besides, Thor got it, Ultralisk got it. Protoss needs it because simple logic.
    Forged Immortal: +4 armour. Basically, hardened HEALTH.

    Null Scarab: scarabs deal additonal 50 damage to target and 20 damage to area around it.
    Automated Manufacturing Centers: scarabs are free and automatically built, though take 1 second longer.
    Secondary Scarab Containers: can hold additional 5 scarabs, and launches them 25% faster.
    Siege Reaver: can launch scarabs as an arcing projectile; less accurate, but can cross gaps and cliffs.
    Warbringer: gains hardened shields.

    Shuttle: (default from SC:BW)
    Shuttle Capacity: +4 capacity.
    Ion Thrusters: gains 33% speed.
    Cloaking Generator: can cloak. Yay stealth drops.
    Champion: (these won't be OP, because it's just a dropship)
    Warp Prism: functions as usual, but also regenerates shields rapidly in pylon radius.
    Teleshuttle: can blink up to 5 range, on cooldown.

    Extended Thermal Lance: increases range from 6 to 9.
    Cranial Missile Pods: periodic AA attack, can use while using main attack. Weak, but hey, better than nothing.
    Focused Lance: functions as in WoL alpha -- targets only one unit, but deals 250% damage to said unit.
    Harbinger: can crush Light units it walks upon.
    Behemoth: gains hardened shield, but only against air units.

    Stargate Units:

    Apial Sensors: +2 sight and range.
    Burst Cannon: scout ground attack becomes AoE.
    Gravitic Thrusters: gains ability to move 50% faster for several seconds, on cooldown.
    Pathfinder Scout: can attack while moving, and moves somewhat faster.
    Escort: can draw attacks from other units, via ability. In this mode, it shoots down projectiles (IE, missiles and zerg attacks).

    Graviton Beam: as in multiplayer.
    Overload: deals heavy damage to all air units in a short range, disabling the Phoenix for a few seconds afterwards.
    Disruption Web: disables units and structures in radius. Unlike in BW, affected units cannot move out.
    Corsair: attacks much faster, and with area effect.
    Tempest: deals heavy, long-range damage, but only to air units.

    Warp Ray: (High Templar variant, functions as in WoL):
    Tertiary Lasers: can upgrade its attack to a third level.
    Warp Pulse: gains spell that stuns all air units in 3 range around warp ray for 5 seconds.
    Flux Vanes: decreases charge up time between stages by 40%.
    Void Ray: gains DT coloration. Can instantly charge to maximum charge, but resets to default after 12 seconds.
    Flux Ray: attacks slow targets and deal additional damage over time.

    Carrier Capacity: increases carrier capacity by 4.
    Automated Interceptor Production: produces interceptors for free and automatically, but at reduced speed.
    Gravitic Catapult: launches interceptors 50% faster.
    Fleet Carrier: produces Cyclone Interceptors, which are much faster and can attack while moving.
    Shadow Carrier: produces Shurikens, which can only attack ground and are melee attackers; gains anti-ground hardened shield.
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