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Thread: [L2j] Gracia Final L2Goal server High rate x5000 PvP Server

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    Default [L2j] Gracia Final L2Goal server High rate x5000 PvP Server

    General Information:

    -Client: CT2.3 (Gracia Final)
    Type: Custom PvP server
    Rates: High rates
    Starting Level: 80


    -Experience: x5000
    Skill Points: x5000
    Rate Party Experience: x2
    Rate Party Spell Point: x2
    Drop Rate: x1
    Spoil: x1
    Adena: x5000


    Safe Enchant: 7
    Max Enchant: 25
    Enchant Rate Weapon: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate)
    Enchant Rate Armor: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate)
    Enchant Rate Jew: Custom (Higher enchant = lower rate)


    -Beginner Trader: Up to S grade items, Consumables, Potions & more.
    Begginer, Amateour, Professional: Up to S84 items, Armors, Weapons, Accessories & more.(+ custom armors)
    Npc Buffer: All buffs, Scheme Buffer.(custom one)
    Class Master: Free Class upgrade.
    Gatekeeper: Free Teleport.
    Casino npc
    Extra NPC: Extra Custom Items

    Custom items

    -Armors: (Tier 1: Dynasty) (Tier 2: Vesper) (Tier 3: Goal Armor)
    Weapons: (Tier 1: Dynasty) (Tier 2: Icarus) (Tier 3: Goal)
    Accessories: Up to 30 Accessories with unique stats.
    Tattoos: Custom Tattoos with special stats.
    Cloaks: More than 9 custom cloaks.
    Jewels: (Tier 1ynasty) (Tier 2:Vesper) (Tier 3: Epic Goal)

    Here is the preview of the epic Goal Jewels (CUSTOM)

    And here are some tattos

    Tier 1 =
    Tier 2 =
    Tier 3 =

    Olympiad system

    -Upon entering olympiad you will be able to use only the special olympiader's stuff which you cannot enchant.
    You cannot receive olympiad points by same IP.
    Your race will be changed example given from Elf to Orc.
    Your name will be Olympiader and you will not be able to chat in normal chat or on friend list's chat.
    Also you will not be able to use any PvP Skills or Forgoten Book-Scrolls skills and some high damage skills like "Frenzy" will be disabled. Finally the olympiad's duration will be 2 hours a day and will last for 2 weeks till the new heroes will be selected.
    Heroes will have expect the retail like hero skills NEW CUSTOM hero skills.


    -Our custom buff slot will be for both mage and fighters 26 and 14 for dances/songs.


    -Siegies every week.
    First month will be 2 siegieable castles
    Siegie rewards for the winners are enabled

    Event Engine

    -L2Goal will run the well known "Nexus Event Engine" with more than 24 custom events. Here is a small list of the events that engine can run, just to take a view

    Caravan Fights
    Town Rush
    Instance Event
    Party vs Party
    Team vs Team (3 Teams)
    Team vs Team (2 Teams)
    Auto Capture The Flag
    Russian Roulette
    Auto Zombies
    Auto Mutant
    Simon Says
    Mini TvT
    Lucky Chests
    Last Man Standing
    1 vs 1

    And for the lovers of poker we will have a poker manager to play piker with the npc.

    Cusom projects

    -Race wars
    Relegion wars
    Unique CUSTOM community board.

    Custom Pvp skills

    With your pvps your color name & tiltle gonna change. Moreover it will be a list of pvp skills that are going tto be added on your char related to your pvps.

    Moreover the less playable classes has their own custom skills (totally created by us)

    = Recharch of King

    = Hard Element

    = Restoration of Dwarf

    = Dwarf the Fearful

    = Dance of Co

    = Soulf of Elf

    = Song of revolution

    = Song Of Magic

    = Song of Co

    = Revenge of Dwarf

    = Therapy

    + Shield Of Cat

    = Seal Of Fire

    = Phathom Regenaration

    = God Of Water

    Nobless System

    -No Noblesse Quest, you can be noblesse killing the raid boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel.

    Customs skilsHere at L2Goal we have created custom skills for all type of characters. Moreover we have made some extra custom skills to the less playable chars like Healers/prophets etc cause at L2Goal every class will have its own power. We did not added other classes skills. We have created our own for the start. More fun in the pvps

    For more info join us and read what ever u want to learn.

    Now we updated our forums too with our new cool redisnt.Stay tuned.

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    Default Re: [L2j] Gracia Final L2Goal server High rate x5000 PvP Server

    Ad bot lol.

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    Default Re: [L2j] Gracia Final L2Goal server High rate x5000 PvP Server

    Nope, Chuck Testa!

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: [L2j] Gracia Final L2Goal server High rate x5000 PvP Server

    Thanks for the ad.

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