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Thread: Are they dead?

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    Default Are they dead?

    I'm just wondering where are the SCL administrators, isn't it strange than we haven't seen even one of them since wednesday afternoon
    It's alredy Sunday here where i live, so does anybody have any ideas what hapened to them?

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    trace wm

    Default Re: Are they dead?

    Beta !

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    Default Re: Are they dead?

    Obviously not. Beta can't come before BR4, it's impossible. Just like Diving by 0.
    Second, they can't come out in the same month, against the law mate.

    Mark my words, November 30.

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    Default Re: Are they dead?

    Quote Originally Posted by trace wm View Post
    Beta !
    Omg you don't think they could be alredy playing SC2 ?...

    Maybe they got a pre beta test version
    that or they dead
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    trace wm

    Default Re: Are they dead?

    Really though, it's far more likely that they were all killed by a rabid jackalope than having anything to do with beta.

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    Default Re: Are they dead?

    We're still alive.

    Gradius is on a small break, so he's away for a while. The rest of us are busy working on things.

    And unless the others are hiding it from me, we're not playing SC2.

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    Default Re: Are they dead?

    Goddamit where are they, i could realy use them now, so they could delete that beta news thread , that i made a bit prematurely and to excited, so people wouldn't see it.

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    Default Re: Are they dead?

    "Behind each and every site there may or may not be an admin. We cannot determine which sites do and do not hide admins without sending a conscious observer to investigate. However, in defiance of conventional logic, the admin is simultaneously present and absent from all sites, and it is only after making a pointless thread or cretinous comment that the universe will retroactively manifest the admin in our face" ~ Schrödinger's Admin
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    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

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    Default Re: Are they dead?

    Why the hell doesn't this forum have rep yet?

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    Default Re: Are they dead?

    I assume that mods here have private lifes (except CHS)

    Mass Effect Universe Fan, I support Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for Game of the year award! ME2 still is being the best rated game this year! Keep it up

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