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Thread: WoW 5.4 Patch

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    I'd have to agree. Like I've said before, somehow Blizzard's tropes and cliches tend to be much more interesting in a high fantasy setting than say, dark fantasy or science fiction. Kerrigan x Raynor would've been a legitimate storyline in WarCraft, in StarCraft it's just hellbound blasphemy.

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    Quite so, but a lot of the clichés in StarCraft almost seem to have a semi-ironic, lampshaded nature to them. Like how the Battle for the Amerigo is a bit like a B-movie horror, but its' a parody of it. So clichés are excusable when they're sort of self-aware.

    its hard to sometime connect A to B.
    Wrath of the lich king content is a good example of what I mean,
    Yeah, if you weren't around when an expansion was the present one, then the story will make far less sense. One reason? You'll likely do a few quests, battleground, dungeon finder, then move past the expansion fast without doing many story-relevant quests.

    But regarding Wrath, hm... You would have to have done a lot of stuff in vanilla to understand it, including Naxxramas, the hardest raid of vanilla. You'd have to do Tirion Fordring's quest-line in the Plaguelands.

    But strangely, Naxxramas 40 (the one with Alexandrios Mograine and the Corrupted Ashbringer) was removed in Wrath, whilst Fordring's old-quest line was removed in Cata. So it makes it even harder to understand Wrath's storyline. In addition, you'd have to create a Death Knight character and play through the DK starting quests.

    But something interesting to note is that if you'd done Naxxramas, it'll be more confusing when you see Darion Mograine with the Corrupted Ashbringer, and you'll wonder, 'how did he get it?' It's a bit like how if you play Resurrection IV you will be more confused at why Stukov was captive and infested.
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    ^ Gobbledy-gook passing for story? Well I never!
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    Well, if the next expansion revealed where Turalyon and Alleria are, would you play it?

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    Nah, MMO's aren't my thing. Besides, even if I was hanging out for a piece of lore I was dying to see (which I hardly ever), I'll feel like I'd have been missing out too much in order to catch up to it. That and I can't be bothered.
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    The deathknight starting questline I think was enough to point out that Darion is Hightlord Morgaine's son, and as such inherited ashbringer when we, the players slayed him in vanilla naxxramas. For more thorough background on Morgraine and the ashbringer though, you'd have to explore the instanced dungeon of old Hillsbrad, where you rescue Thrall and/or read the comic book "Ashbringer"

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    Indeed, WoW's storytelling is a bit like Half-Life 2 where it entrusts you to figure out the story.

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