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Thread: StarCraft Player Characters

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    Default StarCraft Player Characters

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    I agree with your opinions about Liberty's Crusade being only quasi-canon and then the SC 2 retcons being stupid. That said, here's a boat load of nitpicks!

    The Magistrate, without any doubt; was in the military.
    The magistrate was a militia commander. 'Magistrate' is sort of like Mayor of a city, or Count of a county.

    'Count' dates back to medieval times; entirely possible in the hegemonical structure of confederacy or the vaguely imperial something-something styling of the dominion. In other words, he has authority over local military forces, because he's a magistrate, until someone from confederate high command (or high ranking low command; however the ranking system works - hard to care, considering the retcons), like Edmund Duke usurps his authority; or outright arrests the magistrate, which Duke probably could have done too, after obtaining a warrant or bounty.

    Official definition is 'a civil officer charged with the administration of the law', from; which is probably good enough authority to essentially be mayor or militia commander on a colony. I'll go with the latter idea - being, agent of a larger government with law administration, giving him legal authority over nearly all matters of the colony, including command of a militia, but must still preside to high ranking officers of the actual military (Brigadier General Edmund Duke, or Low General, or whatever a 1 star general is in SC universe).

    Wonder why the original game didn't clarify any of this? It wasn't because they needed to hide information to unveal later on in future plots. Rather, it's because exposition is booooring.

    Most people don't know of the Lieutenant's role. The Lieutenant was competent enough to repel the Zerg and be talked-to-directly by Cerberus. One of my theories is that in Korpuluan rank-structure, Lieutenant is used literally, not in the conventional military usage. As in, they are second-in-command, not the 2nd/1st Lieutenant rank below Captain. Possible evidence is how the Brood War Medic's rank is First Lieutenant, and not 'Lieutenant'.
    The lieutenant was a low-ranked officer with little influence over high command. He was competent, so I guess he had a nice army to work with (distant colonial army that has little to do with hegemony on other worlds). Since he's so socially disconnected from high command, it's easy enough to hand wave that cerberus could very easily take over any of his investigations and even interrupt the chain of command. A lieutenant might answer to a major, for example, but few other ranks care much about the affairs of a single lieutenant.

    My Opinion on Ranks: There's field ranks and then there's command ranks. Field ranks command crews and commanders oversee the field (latter very easy to do in an age of computers). A medic probably has the rank of 1st lieutenant primarily for the purpose of overriding other orders in order to do her job - ie. "This man needs medical treatment, therefor he can't go on mission with you, sergeant! I won't allow it!". Commanders (lowest ranking commander being lieutenant, if the lieutenant is lucky and isn't just ordered to 'staff' a higher rank; staff support a commander with duties such as providing coffee), can still give orders to complete a mission though, forcing the medic to work around the parameters of the mission.

    Similarly, dropship pilots are warrant officers (a rank above the sergeant rank category), giving them sufficient authority to look after their own ships. But their authority doesn't necessarily extend to the passengers, although, in odd circumstances (ie. the death/incapicitation of the squad's sergeant or corporal), they have the permission to take command, just like medics could (despite not having gone to squad leadership school and having no comradery with the squad whatsoever). Even more, a lieutenant in command can specifically revoke that dropship pilot's permission, but the commander would have to specifically become aware of it (they can't court martial the dropship pilot for incomeptency/negligence after the fact).

    There's also staff ranks
    - SCV privates have authority over their vehicles. Others are cooks, quarter masters and janitors. They are most subservient to commanders and they get a small measure of authority over crews enough to do their jobs (most of the time), but crews can also make requests of them. An unlucky low ranking commander can have his authority overwritten and his job reverted to mission staff (unless he has crew experience; in which case he can appeal to become part of a crew).

    The rank structure is very rigid and highly rank-associative (a private with a license to pilot a dropship simply wouldn't have that license, or would have it suspended with demotion, if he/she was a private) to prevent in-fighting (which is probably frequent), cementing the idea of a hegemony somewhere else presiding over a run down wild-west back water.

    It's also a bit naval-based in terminology, since this is an age of mobile bases, computer/electrical communication dependency (some still use radios and older TV sets, based on old cut scenes), and space transit.

    An analogy: Five-hundred cavemen build a base next to a Chinese base with ten million men armed with nukes, tanks, everything -- and at the same time attack the American base with a hundred thousand commandos with stealth-bombers and jet planes. And defeat the Americans.
    A bit extreme. The zerg are only powerful when they're allowed to multiply. Keeping them from multiply is shown to be possible, at least for a time. The magistrate was only showing 'military brilliance' in being able to handle the protoss enough for the zerg to go out of control. It isn't suggested that the terrans single-handedly defeated the protoss. New Gettysburg is just one critical battle that was won and allowed the zerg to avoid conflict with the protoss in order to have the numbers to take over Tarsonis and then drive off the protoss (so the zerg defeated the protoss, not the terran; the terran were a lynchpin).

    Also, the whole point of the game is having a 'primitive' race that manages decent firepower but can be crippled with decisive strokes (the terran), an archaic race that has strong foundations in everything but is also unadaptive (the protoss), and a menace that is difficult to control and could become unstoppable but also made weak when unprepared (the zerg). They all have advantages and disadvantages over one another.

    So the terran magistrate managing something like in New Gettysburg is perfectly believable. A single terran fort can prove troubling for both zerg and protoss. Cavemen don't have firepower - the zerg don't have the ability to annihilate you in a master stroke (they attack in numbers in different places to cripple or whittle you down) - although protoss suiting the 'strong foundations' approach of american commandos might be slightly accurate. All around though, it was a really bad metaphor that you shouldn't of used.

    Quote Originally Posted by Samir
    3) He has experience with the Sons of Korhal, he fought them on Chau Sara.
    4) He also has experience with Zerg-experiments; he commanded an operation in basically the Chau Saran Jacobs' Installation.
    5) He is the most major Alpha Squadron character -- more important in the lore then Duke, by a long shot.
    The last three are assumptions based on the previous 2. That's not how you make conclusions. Duran was never part of Alpha Squadron - he is first revealed as a member of a 'confederate resistance group' (possible cover story; or he joined an existing confederate resistance group and stirred the hearts of some lackeys into joining too, giving absolute command, considering he was stationed close to a dominion base and there probably wasn't any other terrorist cells hanging about for fear of discovery), in Iron Fist mission 1. As a character, he's exclusive to Brood War. It's safe to say he wasn't canon until then.

    Similar reasoning:
    - Cars have engines that cause pollution and make noise.
    - Traffic jams are caused by cars.
    - (Assumption): All cars should be gotten rid of.
    - (Chained Assumption): Overthrow government and institute no-car policy.

    Alternative to my rank theory - The lieutenant in the demo could've been a lieutenant colonel, but they call him lieutenant rather than colonel, to make him feel inferior (right of high ranks, or whatever).
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    Quote Originally Posted by solidsamurai View Post
    The magistrate was only showing 'military brilliance' in being able to handle the protoss enough for the zerg to go out of control. It isn't suggested that the terrans single-handedly defeated the protoss. New Gettysburg is just one critical battle that was won and allowed the zerg to avoid conflict with the protoss in order to have the numbers to take over Tarsonis and then drive off the protoss (so the zerg defeated the protoss, not the terran; the terran were a lynchpin).
    This. One also has to consider how much this was supposed to be a full-out Terran victory and whether it was instead supposed to show Tassadar's reluctance at having to kill even more Terrans (Tassadar could've misinterpreted the Sons of Korhal/ their Terran opposition's intent - that they were defending Tarsonis rather than ushering its destruction) than was necessary. Would have been better represented in the mission itself as the Protoss being shown shown to retreat rather than be wiped out.

    Chalk this up to the limits of Sc1 storytelling and gameplay/story segregation.
    Yes, that's right! That is indeed ME on the right.


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    The narration also says that the protoss and zerg continued to battle it out across the surface of Tarsonis after the mission is completed.

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    Default Re: StarCraft Player Characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by LestersPetZergling View Post
    I didn't say that the Magistrate was technically in the military when he was a Magistrate. I'm saying that he had to have had military experience because he was a higher-rank in the Sons of Korhal then Duke, who's experience was being a General, and such.
    He doesn't actually command duke. Duke gives advice and then has his own orders (where he places the psi-emitters on tarsonis; this is also the only mission where Duke is a unit). If you have multiple high ranking officers, one of them has to have supreme command over a mission, the two of you can't be bickering. The commander wasn't necessarily higher ranking than Duke. Also, military experience doesn't always equate to high rank.

    The magistrate was good at commanding militia because he had military experience. I'm willing to go with that - that's all the explanation they'll ever give us anyway.

    He claims he was.
    Don't remember he did.

    Artanis was introduced in Brood War, but he is the Executor of Episode III (possibly IV as well). Huh?
    Quit trying to locate dumb patterns. Blizz doesn't care. Your interpretation is different than mine. Artanis wasn't the executor in episode 4 anyway, Blizz has led us to believe it's Selendis (if you have, again... read the outside fiction, like I did for a while, until I stopped caring).

    So if the Sons were defending Tarsonis, why build a base next to the Overmind? And Tassadar had a chance, right now -- to destroy the Overmind and stop everything. The lives of the Sons of Korhal attacking the Protoss would be worth it compared to all the lives saved if the Zerg were stopped.
    The overmind was never on Tarsonis. Matter of fact, the reason he manifested on Aiur is never thoroughly explained until starcraft 2 (he wanted to die; probably the best handwave of the entire sequel). The SC 1 explanation was that he could bring more broods to bear, or something.
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    Default Re: StarCraft Player Characters

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    Default Re: StarCraft Player Characters

    Sure, go nuts.

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    Default Re: StarCraft Player Characters

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    Default Re: StarCraft Player Characters

    I think it's better to argue specifics (like, how fast can a zergling gallop), rather than plot holes or character motivations.

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