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Thread: What Are You Playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkalis View Post
    So I recently got into this visionary FPS with the most inmersive war experience...Battlefield 1942, of course, and while it can be fun at stages I don't really get the "older games are better than today's" vibe that people usually say about the franchise.
    I've been playing that too last weekend. It's still a good game after all those years.

    As for new vs old, it depends but when it comes to fps; new is usually better than old. The only exception that I can think of would be Unreal Tournament 99.

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    Still playing The Two Towers - started on Eowyn's path. By far the hardest of the five, but most of it is based on areas that aren't accessible from other paths. And I got to keep all my gear from a former playthrough, so that's another boon.

    As for Battlefield, I admit, my collection of the series has been come and go - of the games I've played, Battlefield 2 has the most enjoyable multiplayer, while Bad Company had a somewhat enjoyable campaign. Concerning old vs. new, well, I can kind of see why people say that. Battlefield 3 didn't have BF2's commander mode (which is part of the reason why I consider it the most enjoyable), and it's clear that EA has been pushing it to directly compete with Call of Duty. Not saying that makes it bad in itself, but when the publisher gets too involved with the developer, and when said publisher is EA, well, I can understand eyebrows being raised.

    But Battlefield 1942 was a game I certainly enjoyed back in the day. While I hold Battlefield 2 to be superior (squads, commanders, and the map design is less open and 'barren,' which is a problem some BF1942 maps have IMO), the original is a game I'm not surprised to hear still stands up. Plus, it has by far the best theme song.

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    Playing Amnesia right now. Want to see if there's actually such a thing as a scary game.

    Usually majorly disappointed by them (Silent Hill lulz) but this was 5$ at Office Depot so I can't complain.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Sincere appologies if I'm wrong, but I could swear you praised Silent Hill 2 awhile back for its atmosphere...

    Anyway, while there've been games that have scared me, usually the scare factors wear off - I think one would be hard pressed to find a game that remains scary after you've beaten it.

    Anyway, rambling on, finished Eowyn's path, back to Gears of War 3, now on the final act. Game's looking at a rating of "good" - gameplay's generally enjoyable, though it's this unfortunate that the new enemies (Lambent, Formers) just aren't that enjoyable to fight when compared to the Locust IMO - I know, old vs. new, but the old has worked, and still does. Storywise, I've come to realize that at least one third of the game's storyline is essentially padding, and it's compounded by other issues such as cinematic segregation, which consequently harms character development. Still, can't call it bad per se.

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    I said Silent Hill's atmosphere was what was good, not its story or scariness. Praising it is a bit much, more like that's what justified its existence.

    Also, I plan on buying up all the console games I missed out on the last few years so I'm going to start out with Gears of War 3, then Halo: Reach and Halo 4. Then, maybe, I might buy a PS3 sometime and play all those game I missed out on.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?'s funny. The whole catching up on games is what I've been doing since I got a new Xbox 360 back in 2012, my original having succumbed to the red ring of death in 2009. Also thinking of getting a PS3 soon, as I doubt the price is going to fall any further now that the PS4 is on the horizon. Anyway, as for the games mentioned:

    Gears of War 3

    I've since finished Gears of War 3, I'd call it good, and if you enjoyed the previous games, you'll almost certainly like this one (though understanding it fully likely requires some EU knowledge). It has its shortcomings though IMO - in terms of story/writing, not only is about one third of the story basically padding (give or take), but it suffers from cinematic segregation, where characters act one way during game dialogue, but in cutscenes, act differently. Minor spoilers, but a character dies, yet the characters are only affected by said death in cutscenes, said character being morose during cutscenes up to death, but otherwise chatting normally in gameplay.

    In terms of gameplay, it's quite good. Gets a bit repetitive at times, and it's a case where the new enemies (Lambent, Formers), while enjoyable at times, just aren't as fun to fight as the Locust IMO. Still, it's net positive fun, and again, it's a game I'd recommend. Not perfect, but generally solid.

    Halo: Reach

    Can probably start off with this game, since it's mostly a prequel to the first game. I haven't played it, but IMO, it has the best story of all the games. Now that I've finished Gears of War 3, I may get round to actually playing it, but no guarantees.

    Halo 4


    I'm in a weird place for this. If you're new to the Halo series, I wouldn't recommend starting with this. It's the start of a new trilogy/saga, but if you're unfamiliar with lore that comes before it, you have no chance of understanding what's going on unless the Internet provides it for you. Taking it on its own...well, it's got good interaction between the protagonists, a dumbass antagonist, and supporting characters of varying depth and interest. Basically, story isn't the game's strong suit. And nor, unfortunately, is its combat. Three types of weapons in campaign, it eventually ends up being "get the Forerunner weapons and stay with them" because they're better than the UNSC and Covenant ones, and are often your only chance at finding reloads. As opposed to, say, Combat Evolved, where human and Covenant weapons had pros and cons, and you could get ammo for both throughout the entire game.

    Overall, Halo 4 is a game I consider "okay." Disapointing all-round, but not to the extent I'd call it outright "bad."
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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    Lately i have been playing an mmorpg name PWI. Its F2P ok kinda game, keeps you busy with grinding.

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    Right now I'm not playing anything, but I plan to attempt to beat a game titled Maximus Action Carnage (need to do it in one take, there's no other way, anyway). You can get it for free here:

    It looks and plays pretty much awesome, so if you're into retro run'n'gun - you're in for a real treat.

    I'm also thinking of replaying Thief II: The Metal Age and Outcast. Now these are beyond awesome.
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    Been playing a lot of Rogue Legacy. Awesome Rogue-like platformer. Blends perfectly with my nostalgia for platformers (haven't played seriously in a decade) and my gluttony for punishment. Comes highly recommended for all bat shit gamers.

    Also, wanting to give Shadowrun Returns a go given that its isometric and one of the only finished Kickstarter RPGs. Want to see how far this phenomenon will go. I hope all the way.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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