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Thread: What Are You Playing?

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    Default What Are You Playing?

    Similar to the "What Are You Reading?" thread, making a category for games - video games, tabletop games, etc. Starting off in the same way, with games I've played this year.

    Video Games

    The Excellent

    Half-Life 2: Episode 2

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    The Good

    The Legend of Zelda: The Minnish Cap

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

    The Okay

    Gears of War: Judgement

    Gears of War: Aftermath

    The Bad

    Half-Life 2: Episode 1

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    Last game I played was Bioshock Infinite. Yeah. That was sick.

    I really want to get my hands on Dead Space 3 next. From the reviews I gather it's no where near the first two, but I still want to finish the fight.
    Aaand sold.

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    Concerning Dead Space 3...well, haven't played it, but I know the ending(s), so if you aren't afraid of spoilers:

    Hidden Content:

    If you're looking to "finish the fight," you may be disapointed. The game itself has a concrete ending, one I feel that could have ended the series quite well IMO. However, the Awakened DLC ends on a big cliffhanger, making it clear that the fight isn't finished.

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    What I played lately:

    Smite (8/10): So I usually hate on them MOBA and I thought the concept of gods vs gods was unoriginal and boring but... to my great surprise, this game ended up being a blast to play. Go try it, it's f2p anyways.

    SWTOR (8/10): Bioware doing an MMO = win. It's the first time I actually somewhat cared about the story in an MMO. Plus, there's nothing like running around town and turning on your light saber.

    Killing Floor (7/10): Fun game to play with friends.

    Ragnarok 2 (2/10): Typical poor WoW clone. I don't care if it's f2p, you'd have to pay me to play it.

    Warframe (7/10): Fun action game. Didn't play too much but it's something I'd see myself going back to once in a while.

    Red dead redemption (8/10): Fun but like in any rockstar game; I always end up going on a rampage.

    By the way I'm looking for a good pc co-op game. Any not too obvious suggestions(I've already played all the new popular stuff)?

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    Quote Originally Posted by sandwich_bird
    Red dead redemption (8/10): Fun but like in any rockstar game; I always end up going on a rampage.
    Heh, being a Rockstar game, isn't that kind of expected of you?

    Anyway, can't really comment on any of the other games I'm afraid, and since I play most games on console, I can't really suggest co-op PC games of any particular note. Adding to my list, I've started playing Gears of War 3, which is currently set for "good" or "excellent" categorization, but there's been a lot of hiccups along the way.

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    Just finished the major quests in Skyrim, and boy, it only took me a single year....

    Anyways, just started Assasin's Creed for the first time.

    Really like the atmosphere and the setting. The inception idea of it is also pretty awesome. Though, I can see that the guy during modern times eventually will be a playable assassin seeing that he wears a white hoodie. And then you'll pop out of an Animus device in the future.

    That would be a nice ploy.

    Besides that, still need to finis Half Life 2 and Fallout New Vegas.

    Yeah..I'm slow.

    I did finish Heart of the Swarm, but due to my computer, it really wasn't that enjoyable. I'm sure it will be better if it doesn't lag every other second.

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    I could never get into Assassin's Creed gameplay-wise, but I like the setting/story for the most part, hence relying on novelizations and its wiki for info.

    As for Half-Life 2, it's a game I regard as "okay," but the good type of okay, the one where at times it's great, at times it's terrible, and different people are going to get different experiences out of it probably.

    As for currently playing stuff, being overseas, played through The Two Towers on GBA as a breather before getting back to Gears of War 3. It's another game I rank as "okay" - decent, but as far as ARPG's go, it's hardly got any depth when compared to the Diablo games for instance. Unfortunately, having played through Arragorn's path, I've got to choose whether it's worth picking another one, since Arragorn's is (IMO) the most enjoyable.

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    So I recently got into this visionary FPS with the most inmersive war experience...Battlefield 1942, of course, and while it can be fun at stages I don't really get the "older games are better than today's" vibe that people usually say about the franchise.

    Anyway, I also got into a bit of Heart of the Swarm multiplayer thanks to spawning and combined with the UI revamp and small changes to the core game gotta say SC2 is still fun to play, specially with the Arcade pumping out cool maps every now and then.

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    every now and then.
    Yeah, I hear there's actually been a new edition to the top ten. That's been almost the exact same since WOL beta

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: What Are You Playing?

    playing dota I guess!

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