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Thread: (Spoilers) Hes' back!

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    I don't agree with what you're saying about merit = percentage reward. This rewards highly-polished pieces of shit, because you're rewarding companies for their ability to throw nice graphics and flashy effects to cover up gaping holes of story and/or gameplay. This is the problem with Final Fantasy games, which have stagnated for generations. FF14 suffered a lot, and it's being remade to fix all the issues it started out with. If everyone simply rewarded it based on the effort those guys put into making vast cities and complex bosses with great animations, the game would still be crappy and continued to be supported instead of going through a reboot and having the company learn from their mistakes.

    Games have to be valued by the full package, not broken down into small chunks.

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    Not sure who you're talking to, but I never said to reward "highly polished pieces of shit." I said that if you enjoyed a game, the developers deserve a cut, if the only good thing about a game are the graphics then you obviously didn't enjoy it, unless the cinematics meant that much to you, in which case, yes, you owe them money.

    Games have to be valued by the full package, not broken down into small chunks.
    Which is my point. The argument has always been, more or less, Mass Effect 3 was great, until the ending, which was so bad I won't buy it. That's a bullshit response. They made a great game (until the ending) and should be rewarded for that.

    I can't imagine why you would have played Final Fantasy though. I haven't bothered with the entire JRPG genre since the around 2006 (except Persona). If you know Final Fantasy is crap, and you still play it, but justify your piracy by "it's not perfect but I'ma play a bit of it anyways" then yes you are hypocrite. Otherwise, the JRPG has been dead for years, which mass stagnation starting a decade ago. Just another casualty in decline of Japan as a whole.

    Again, I have no idea who you're talking to since I never saw an argument like the one your debating.
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