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Thread: Researchers Model Which StarCraft Race Would Win

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    Default Researchers Model Which StarCraft Race Would Win

    I just thought this would make a cute and interesting read for some of you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wired Magazine
    "... a pair of researchers at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh took it upon themselves to find out which race would ultimately triumph if given enough time. Thomas Targett and Duncan Forgan observed competitive StarCraft II matches, then dropped the collected data into statistical models."
    Full article can be found here.
    Aaand sold.

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    Going by competitive matches is just wrong. There's an uneven distribution of racial pros with the majority choosing Terran, and 500 matches would be an uneven amount of TvP, ZvP, and TvZ recorded. I'd say their data is likely a bit skewed in Terran's favor, because lore-wise the Zerg would be the clear winners if the UED had never been involved.

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