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Thread: SC1: Stimpack Duration

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    Heya folks. Working on's new game info sections and I was filling it some durations for various abilities, but I couldn't find a reliable duration for stimpack other than "a few seconds". SC2's duration is 15 seconds, but I'm not sure it's the same as SC1's.

    I'm also concerned in regards to duration/time in general given that no one plays bw on anything but Fastest anyways, so it seems silly to measure times in regards to "Normal" speed, but ah well.

    So anywho, anyone around here know the answer to this?

    ps: hiya SCL! it's been awhile :]
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    Salutations Neo.

    Stim duration lasts 13 seconds on the fastest game speed setting (20 seconds on normal game speed). This is coming from odd things I still remember about the game from a time when I had derived the various timings of units, buildings, abilities and the like. One could probably find the exact answer using bwAPI. My method was a stopwatch and taking statistics of samples taken.

    - only[blue]

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