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Thread: Doncroft Discusses Lore

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    We just finished recording our second episode... Be ready for it, because it's coming soon

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    7:20 - You can't use entanglement for FTL. Entanglement does not transmit classical information. It sends random quantum information, and the only way to make sense of it is to send a decryption key through some other method instead, which defeats the purpose of teleporting objects with entanglement in the first place. The zerg clearly use Einstein-Rosen bridges (wormholes).

    11:20 - The Overmind assimilated plenty of species with psionic power before the protoss & terrans. Overlords were already telekinetic. Hive-mind communication is psionic. Opening wormholes is psionic. Etc. etc.

    12:00 - I don't see why people are so reluctant to admit the Overmind got retconned. It's always painful to see people trying to justify/rationalize the opposing motivations that the Overmind had between games. In SC1 he created Kerrigan because he wanted to kill the Protoss. In WoL, he created Kerrigan because it turns out that he wasn't in charge at all and wanted to save the swarm (total curveball). Saying that it was conscious vs. subconscious doesn't really go far in elucidating these two mish-mashed & mangled concepts to the audience.

    13:53 - "He wants to make a new race of xel'naga, because that was his first programming, before the dark voice messed with him". Again, not true. According to the retcon, the DV enslaved him from the very beginning. Kindregan tells us that the Overmind supposedly would have killed everyone anyway, but there is still no evidence for any "original programming". It's a retcon. The "original programming" that we saw in SC1 was just the Overmind trying to fool us and distract us from the dark voice. It's the writers' attempt at making the retcon unfalsifiable.

    14:12 - "She did not have the tampering of the dark voice". Not true according to Q&A #5: "And remember, although she possessed a great deal more independence than the Overmind, she was still full of Zerg mutagen, which means she was at the very least influenced by the will of the Dark Voice." The Overmind's plan required for Kerrigan to be deinfested first. As you can imagine, this makes events extremely convoluted considering that the Overmind himself didn't actually have a real vision of the future according to one of the Q&As, where instead he merely pieced together a scenario from reading the dark voice's mind. Basically, he was going off blind luck, but to the audience it just looks totally contrived.

    Anyway, I'll stop right there. Not a bad show, but it's not my cup of tea since it covers areas I'm already familiar with and there are too many tangents. They should consider lighting up the name of the person that's talking. A lot of extra work I know, but it'd be helpful.

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    My roommate was watching... just pointed out the "light up who's talking idea".

    I'll talk to them about it.

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    Damn you for opening this Overmind Pandora's Box again!

    With WoL's revelations being potentially true, there will never be a fully reasonable reconciliation of events or motivations regarding the Overmind unless it's all revealed to be a sham. I don't know what would taste worst, being told that in Sc1 the Overmind was an unreliable narrator or that the revelation that the Overmind was unreliable in Sc1 is itself, unreliable thereby making WoL even less meaningful than it already is and proof that WoL is indeed a waste time (especially if Kerrigan in HotS does revert back to her QoB persona).
    Yes, that's right! That is indeed ME on the right.


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    Edited first post.

    I honestly don't know what to say about the Overmind video. I found it more opinion based then actually bringing out the lore surrounding the Overmind, and clearly, some of the youtube posters agreed...not really impressed so far.
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    I feel that while the Overmind is somewhat of a retcon, it's not an inherently bad one and could work storywise (the Draenei being the ereder who refused Sargaras's offer, the orcs being corrupted by the legion worked pretty well). As for the whole killing protoss....even when the Dark Templar were on Aiur he left Kerrigan on Char. I get over confidence, but given that he was willing to keep Kerrigan on Char to deal with the DT, it's weird that he never bothered to bring her to aiur. Blizzard seems to be backtracking to appease those who didn't like the Dark Voice overmind idea; you can't please everyone but that's what they tried to do. It became tangled.

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