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Thread: HotS Beta Patch #11

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    Default HotS Beta Patch #11

    Patch Notes

    Blizzard's thoughts

    Quite interesting, but I can already see those reapers being the only tactic early game (again).

    Now, the instant siege mode on tanks will aid turtle tanks so much. This change seems to break the TvZ and TvT metagame too.
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    Default Re: HotS Beta Patch #11

    " and the new Vortex was just not interesting enough"

    I really hope he was talking about some super secret work-in-progress version they were testing out and not the piss poor placeholder that should never have existed in the last patch....

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    Default Re: HotS Beta Patch #11

    I just don't think the timewarp in the state the oracle had would be all that worth while to get in investing in the mothership- unless they tweak the size and/or cast range. Part of what made it such a useful tool was how mobile the oracle is and strategically place slows in areas to cut off an army's escape.

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    Default Re: HotS Beta Patch #11

    Time Warp on Mothership seems too little. On Mothership Core, it seems too much.

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    Default Re: HotS Beta Patch #11

    Reaper gets a damage nerf but comes out earlier, gets a speed buff, and still has healing. As if I didn't have a hard enough time killing the buggers as it is with my mandatory first Stalker.

    And wtf, does Oracle have Envision AND Revelation now? How deliciously redundant. The Oracle is like an upgraded SC1 Queen. Envision = Ensnare to see cloaked units. Revelation = Parasite to track unit movement. Pulsar Beam = Spawn Broodling to do energy-based damage.

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    Default Re: HotS Beta Patch #11

    Am I the only one who noted that Siege Tank Research is no longer required? They can siege right out the gate?!
    Aaand sold.

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    Pretty nice patch IMO.

    The Reaper change is interesting as they no longer work as a worker harass (no bonus vs light). You would now need 5 to one shot a probe. and 6 for SCVs and Drones (hp regen). Maybe just to force an army split?

    Quote Originally Posted by DemolitionSquid View Post
    As if I didn't have a hard enough time killing the buggers as it is with my mandatory first Stalker.
    Eh? A Stalker is mandatory in PvT anyways. Except now you can fight them off with a sentry...Or just chase with a Zealot and force more then twice the APM as before. 4 damage is nothing!

    Siege Tanks no longer require an upgrade in order to enter Siege Mode.
    Immortal no longer requires Robo, lol.

    The Time Warp ability has been moved to the Mothership Core and the Mothership.
    Now the MS core has a defensive ability (overcharge) an offensive ability (time warp) and a utility (recall).

    Early game Zealot + MS core time warp strategies are gonna be pretty cool I think.
    It would be nice if the actual mothership's time warp was bigger or had some kind of additional effect to it. I really don't know why anyone would want to 'downgrade' their ms core.

    Napalm Spray weapon damage increased from 10 +9 vs. light to 18 +12 vs. light.
    Wow, that's a lot of damage!

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    Default Re: HotS Beta Patch #11

    If they're toying with bringing back time warp to the Mothership, they ought to test out the Alpha version from Wings that stopped all projectiles and made them drop harmlessly to the ground, but only for the full-on Mothership. Basically, give Time Warp to MSC, and Time Bomb to MS.

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    Default Re: HotS Beta Patch #11

    Protoss Dark Swarm? Could be neat I guess. If it stopped broodlings in mid air and locusts from entering/shooting, I could see it being an interesting spell to have.

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    Interesting patch. that hellbat buff is really signifcant though. i wouldnt be surpirsed if its a overbuff.

    reapers dont need techlab no more. despite the other nerfs to them, this makes them a much more likely sighting in your average lategame anything - as a temporary reactionary pick to be able to suddenly mass reapers out of all your reactored rax and wreak some serious havoc on worker-lines.... ive always liked doing this, but its always been impractical before since its hard to have enough techlab-rax for production.
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