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    So what does that mean? The Dark Voice is a xel'naga (possibly), not the xel'naga. We know what the DV's goals are, not the xel'naga's as a whole (the "save or destroy" question).
    Well he's clearly one person - most likely a dissenter to whatever order existed prior the extinction (and evidently, he caused the extinction - I guess because he was a nihilist and EVIL, so there yah go). So a xel'naga seems suitable, since the name applies to a species and not an individual.

    Also, supposedly the xel naga is dead and the goals of DV are his own. Because he's a wizard or whatever (dare I say, just like duran, super saiyan level 2 whereas duran is merely a servant, wuh oh!). Duran could be a proxy with no personality (the most intimate thing he can say about himself is that he takes many forms and names over the aeons; imagine having so many secrets that the deepest thing you can convey to someone is that this is what you are, pretty much), or he could also be a xel naga.
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