This will stop ANYONE from using the UMS vulnerability to crash lobbies!

SiCk.Orifice/USAEAST here, it's from my understanding that there has been a lot of people unable to come up with a solution to the ongoing problem that FruX is creating for users of StarCraft due to their lack of knowledge. Which is quite understandable, not everyone knows the ropes when it comes to technology or should I say "adaptation" to technological situations we all confront on a daily basis. Just like in the world we live in today we have people who are fascinated with the suffering of others. We have the same ongoing problem on the Internet. It's ok though, there's many people like me who will fight back that have a 100x potency than the people who are laughing at your demise. We will fight for you. Knowledge for one is power. That's right, knowledge is power. I'm sure you've heard your teacher tell you that in school when you weren't paying attention in your history class.

Now, let me clear a few things up before we proceed onto my tutorial on how to permanently block FruX, or anyone exploiting the vulnerability he has been using for that matter. There have been a lot of rumors spreading around that this FruX character is working for Blizzard to shut down the game because they're tired of the updates and hosting. As if it's a waste of money. That, is very incorrect. If Blizzard was ever going to do such a thing. They would find a better way, they also have the money to hire someone much more sophisticated. Also, the proxies FruX is using are vulnerable to Remote Shells, DNS Poisoning, and amongst many others. Which means anyone with the proper knowledge can go in, snag his real IP. Open a remote shell on his computer, and simply flash his Bios. Which will cause him to have to buy a new computer, or atleast a new mother board. Might as well tally that up to the price of a new computer. Also, he is using proxies. Which means he doesn't have the knowledge to spoof packets to show up from any IP of his choosing. Even a script kiddie could perform this simple task. I myself have even contributed a lot of my own shell code regarding these different subjects to PacketStormSecurity many, many years ago. With this he would have the power to spoof his packets to show as being sent from Blizzard servers in itself. Which means no updating your firewall to block his IP. Even then, the packets will still contain the same hex that I use to identify him. I've even confronted him on this matter and he just attempts to make up a bunch of hokus pokus about there being a plan, to scare his way out of replying to my incriminating facts. The simple psychology of his mind will form a factual opinion about who he is, and why he's doing it.

Firstly you will need Peerblock, you can head over to and have a good read about it. It's widely used in the P2P community and has a wonderful reputation.
My block list will automatically update due to the fact that PeerBlock allows you to fetch the new IPs from my list which is hosted on the net. Also, I whipped up a nifty shell script that constantly and automatically updates the list via ftp by creating a lobby, pulling his IP from my packet logger. The way it identifies his IP is by a specific hex within the packets he sends.

--------------------------------------------------Installation Process--------------------------------------------------
Select to always allow HTTP (HTTP Protocol is required to browse the internet)
Uncheck the boxes for P2P, Spyware, Educational and Advertising lists (These lists cause blocking of Blizzard and my host for my IP Block list servers)
Select to update once a day (Anytime you open PeerBlock the lists will autoupdate and you can also click "Check Updates" to manually check within PeerBlock)
Have PeerBlock start with windows if you don't want to have to open it whenever you goto play SC (You can play around with all the settings after the installation)

----------------------------------------------------Block List Setup----------------------------------------------------
Click "List Manager"
Click "Add"
Within the "Add List" window enter a description for this list inside the "Description" field. It can be "Stop Frux", or anything you want to name it as.
Within the "Add List" window paste this URL into the "Add URL" field.
Click "Ok"
Close "List Manager" your list will now update. Within the main PeerBlock window, your list should say Blocking 5 IPs. (That is as of while I am writing this tutorial, as he updates his proxy list those numbers will change. Instantly.

Happy Trails =D