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Thread: CatZ vs Thorzain: HotS

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    Huh, didn't see this thread earlier. I like TB, one of my favorite casters out there.

    On the game, seems like that both players were having fun. Thorzain played greedy, going for fast exp without much support from units, and then he didn't make a wall with the Barrack, resulting in losing too many SCVs. It was pretty much over from there, with Infestors killing even more SCVs and constant Roaches harass etc.

    The only thing why Thorzain stayed in the game that long is because CatZ's attacks were terrible at several occasions. His first Viper attack was disaster because the Tanks were really spread, and he used Blinding Cloud on Tanks instead of Abduct. His Swarm Hosts didn't do much because he is one of the players that doesn't use the wave of Locusts but constant stream, which is a lot worse, because Locusts aren't tanky, and die quickly, especially to Siege Tanks. If he had all those Swarm Hosts(12 of them) spread and attacking at the same time, same location, he would've won easily with only them, since Thorzain didn't have much at the time beside few Thors and Siege Tanks. Than CatZ threw his whole army of Ultralisks...

    Anyway, game was pretty entertaining, but after the 50 workers killed from CatZ, he could've just went for normal Zerg build and win anyway, without new units. As I said, both players were just screwing around, if they both played on their level, CatZ wouldn't be able to take 1 game out of 10 from ThorZain. He is pretty average Zerg among the foreigners, same as Destiny, the strongest point in his play is that he is creative and will do a lot of things that other pro players don't.
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    Hmm There is a great way to show our skills and i wana say something with you but its secret::-) I hope you will continue your effort.
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