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Thread: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

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    Default [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    Welcome! As you might remember, I hosted this same community thread back during the beta for WoL.

    The rules are simple:
    1. If you voted for someone who has a "Done!" tag, that vote resets. You may then place it on another person.
    2. You must nominate a forum member, without a beta key, who you believe deserves to play the HotS beta. (Nominating yourself is not valid)
    3. Community members will work as sponsors and will submit beta keys through a PM to me. This beta keys will be used to admit nominated members into the beta.
    4. A list will be created with the nominated members. The order will tell who gets the sponsored beta keys. # of nominations, reputation and time will be used to create the list.
    5. You may post that you don't have a beta key, but begging is not allowed in this thread.
    6. You may nominate from 1 to 3 forum members.

    TychusFindlay: 6
    Sarov: 5
    Skyze: 5
    Todie: 4
    Visions of Khas: 4
    Turalyon: 3
    Evillesh: 3
    Quirel: 1
    Peanutbutter: 1
    Spartan13: 1
    Raif: 1
    Twilice: Done!
    Alex06: Done!
    Hawki: Done!
    TheProgramer: Done!
    DemolitionSquid: Done!
    Gradius: Done!
    sandwich_bird: Done!
    My nominations once again go to Sarov and sandwich_bird
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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    Nominate: Hawki.

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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    Given Blade's nominations, I assume we can vote for two members? In that case, my votes would go to Quirel (repayment of nomination) and Kimera-what with him being the main admin of the SC Wiki, he can do the most with a beta key, what with editing the new info and the like.

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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    Nominate: Kimera757
    Nominate: Hawki

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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    I remember I was doing good in the WoL one til I got a key elsewhere, lol this is cool though.

    If Gifted doesn't have one, give my vote to him

    (Don't have a key yet, I'll post high masters reps here if I get one, random too!)
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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    I'm a noob in this forum, can I vote too? If I can, I nominate Kimera an Hawki. The more Wiki mods, the better. I'd nominate Gradius but I don't know if he's active.

    I don't have a key *wink wink*

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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    Presuming that Blade doesn't already have one, I nominate him. I will also nominate Visions of Khas.
    By the way, thanks to both of you for being nice and reading my story a while back

    I also have no beta key.

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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    Nominate Kimera757

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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    I nominate Shadow Archon. He seems quite interested in the game and is active on the forums.

    I don't have a key, but if I had one, I would create new maps using the new tilesets, help update the wiki and stream gameplay for you guys and hopefully even start commentating matches for SC2. I think I could do something great with it and provide everyone with something in return for getting a key.

    Kudos to Arkceangel for the Terran avatar and sig!

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    Default Re: [HotS] Beta Key Honors

    ah.. i remember this! its how i ended up getting a key halfway thru the beta. Good times!

    put my votes down for Skyze and gifted for now. saving the 3rd vote 'til some more ppl post so we know who among the good ol guys still lurk in the shadows.
    I am an enthusiast of good strategy games, sc2Esports and rollplay, although i dont really play anything atm.
    I work an internship at a government agency this fall, and have a good time at it.
    I'm being more social, active and honest lately. in all forums.


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