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Thread: The final nail in the C&C coffin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turalyon View Post
    I thought they specifically said they were taking it back to its "roots".

    Only recently did I realise that it was the kind that lie six feet under...
    Well, I guess from a gameplay sense they did...sort of. Return of base building and a clear focus on armoured combat. Not really defending it, but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawki View Post
    Not personally...then again, I was only ever vaguely aware of the series in the first place. The announcement of Company of Heroes 2 and the fanfare surrounding it was what really reminded me of its existance.
    I was reading an article in PC gamer, I think, where they were interviewing the Relic team that was developing CoH 2. And, towards the end of the article, the interviewer asked what happened to Company of Heroes Online.

    I tell you what, from the description of how the devs reacted, it was like asking a woman about her miscarriage.

    (Looks at previous post)

    ...ugh. This is what nerd rage does to you. It makes you type utter gibberish.

    Basically, it's the whole "gameplay vs. story" debate. Sparing a rant, it's a debate I don't think needs to exist, because I think the two can co-exist quite easily. It's just that EA seems to be taking the franchise squarely into the realm of gameplay, after promising at announcement of Generals 2 that there'd be more of a focus on story this time. At least with Tiberium Alliances (another MMORTS) it was established from the start that there'd be no story.
    I figured that it would be something like that. And since I'm in full agreement, there's nothing for me to comment on.

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