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    Myself, I always thought the key difference is that when Cerebrates lack a leader, they panick and try to merge into a new leader. Queens are submissive to stronger individuals, but if there is any doubt of who is the stronger one, they'll fight for power until this is settled.
    Well, Cerebrates basically embodied the consciousness of their individual broods. Queens however direct them from afar. It seems the Zerg are gravitating towards a more individualistic, independent mindset. This is reinforced by the fact that one of Kerrigan's goals is to develop a "Metamorph", a Zerg creature of directing its own evolution.

    By teh way, I just now got your name, Tche. I feel stupid. :P
    Aaand sold.

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    Metamorph? Intriguing where is it from?

    About the power structure changes Kerrigan did in the Swarm, I wonder if she did it just because it is better this way, or because she was preparing herself for the possibility of getting killed (so the Swarm could keep fighting even without a leader). Not to mention that maybe she did it all with the Prophecy and the Dark Voice in mind. I hope this is a big thing in HotS.

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    By teh way, I just now got your name, Tche. I feel stupid. :P
    I'm curious on what you got. There is an easter-egg in it for people who have Brazilian "folklore" knowledge
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    Eh, I always got the impression that the SC2 queen was the same as the SC1 queen lore-wise, just fulfilling it's gameplay and lore description more accurately than it had in vanilla and brood war.

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