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Thread: SCII Flashpoint novel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius View Post
    Oh well, at least I can rest easy since they're basically done novelizing SCBW, and it's WoL's lore that's going to get mangled now. :P
    Oh yes... 25 Dominion Battlecrusiers (+ Hyperion) taking on Char seems legit alright.

    Ironically, if that number was based on the leftover strength the Dominion has after the BW beatdown...I'd actually believe it.

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    there multiple fleets, mo believe that refer to the entire Terran Dominion ships, for example there were multiple protoss fleets mentioned

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    WoL mangled its own lore as it established itself. All we can do at this point is sit back and watch. I'll end up paying attention to something else.

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    I quite enjoyed it. Aside from the potential number issue, it was a very interesting read and gave a lot of good back story as well as fleshing out character motivations for HotS.

    All I can say is, I feel real bad for ol' Jimmy.

    Hidden Content:
    Also, I think it's nice to know where we'll probably pick up in terms of the first playable mission. Mengsk likely manages to track them down some days or weeks later to the new facility, Kerrigan has a better grip on her powers (and the power suit to help her control/channel them), and Valerian is doing all he can to help Jimmy and the others. The Hyperion will likely be repaired and restocked and ready to head out as well, and either Kerrigan will hitch a ride with them (unlikely) or find some other way out to start her journey on her own.

    Anyone know how to do the spoiler reveal thingy? I tried spoiler and spoilers in tags but neither worked.
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    I've fought for the Terran revolution, I've seen the promise of the Protoss, and now I'm ready to join the might of the Swarm...

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    Having finished that book and I really enjoyed it. It's quite different from other novels. Personally,I hope Valerian to become the new leader of Terran to make a better future, and Matt to become the chief general and minister,Swann the chief engineer and Stetman the chief scientist. It must be the perfect ending

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    I tried to read this thread all the way from the beginning, but eventually the arguments over the exact year HotS takes place in gave way to negativity over Blizzard's writing, which is something I can only take in very small doses.

    The following is under a spoiler tag because it's my general thoughts about the novel, which I finished about twenty or so minutes ago:

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    While Christie Golden's prose can be induce a good amount of eye-rolling [she hasn't been really good since Lord of the Clans] there were definitely a lot of good things content-wise in the book. Fleshing out characters like Swann and Matt, and even lesser ones like Annabelle and Cooper, was really great since playing the first game's campaign introduces them briefly amid the the missions and such.

    I particularly enjoyed Mira Han's appearance in the novel, since I always wanted to see more of her and how she behaves around Captain Matt Horner. Raynor's guilt over killing Tychus was good, but not overbearing, which it had the chance of being. I began to enjoy Valerian as a character, which was cool since you saw so little of him in the campaign.

    There were shout-outs to the Dark Templar Saga, which I have read none of, and didn't entirely get. There were also references to Liberty's Crusade, though, my all-time favourite StarCraft novel. It's great to see that Michael Liberty is a firm part of the game's canon now, since everything in that book is pure gold as far as I'm concerned.

    All in all, the novel is meant to take you from point A to point B, and it does that well enough. We get to see where Kerrigan is going to be at the beginning of Heart of the Swarm, and a lot of Raynor's motivations, which is great since we were all wondering about his change of heart between BW and WoL.

    I probably have more thoughts, but that's it for now.
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