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Thread: GomTV not working?

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    For the past few weeks, GomTV has been impossibly slow on my computer. The advertisements in between matches are still fast and great quality, YouTube videos are fast as hell in 1080, SC2 games on ultra are running perfectly, yet out of nowhere GomTV replays began running slow as shit. Anyone else having or ever had this problem? Or does anyone know any possible solutions? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

    EDIT: Upon further use, I find that pausing the game and giving it time to load does ABSOLUTELY nothing, as the game just plays for two seconds and then starts over... Also, the tab at the top of my internet explorer always displays "#", and only that instead of a description or title of the web page?
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    Well, yes, kind of... GomTV loads up very slowly, but when I just go forward, it starts loading normal again. It must be the Gom player or something like that, because connection certainly isn't the reason, and many people have problems with GomTV and Gom stream in general lately, just take a look at GSL videos and read comments like "black screen", "video won't load", "when I move forward the video freeze" and much more...
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    Its really good stuff posted here.

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