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Thread: My new custom altered melee map project: Koprulu Sector (need lore help)

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    Default My new custom altered melee map project: Koprulu Sector (need lore help)

    A work in progress for a strategy map covering the entire Koprulu Sector, up to 46 different planets for 12 players, using the melee races with small modifications as well as unlockable power-ups based on the historical events of the campaigns and the books.

    Gallery with concept images here:

    Of course, it's a work in progress. You have some basic tips in the description of each image, but I'm going to post them here reworded anyway, with some new information:

    What's the map about?

    It's pretty simple. You have your planet, and you must defeat your enemies, making alliances and expanding across the Koprulu Sector. There's secondary special objectives, that serve to unlock new benefits, like weapons and units. 12 players roleplaying should be able to emulate the SC1 and SC2 campaigns using some of these secondary objectives. Each player controls an specific faction with specific heroes, too.

    You can't move around the map freely, of course. The planets can only be entered from their marked entrances, and the space routes are very limited, requiring you to break obstacles to open new ways or to cross through planets.

    The major planets are bigger and have more resources than the minor planets, but they're always defended by neutral hostile forces. Some minor planets have no defense at all.

    A list of contents:

    *46 planets:
    **18 major planets (8min, 2gas)
    **28 minor planets (4min, 1gas [variable])

    *12 players: (each player has 3 heroes, still missing some)
    **4 terran:
    ***Tarsonis (Terran Confederacy: Duke, Nova, Tychus Findlay)
    ***Moria (Kel-Morian Combine: ?, ?, ?)
    ***Korhal (Sons of Korhal: Arcturus Mengsk, Valerian Mengsk, Horace Warfield)
    ***Mar Sara (Raynor's Raiders: James Raynor, ?, ?)
    **4 zerg:
    ***Zerus (?: Overmind, Zasz, Gorn)
    ***Char (?: Daggoth, ?, ?)
    ***Unknown (?: Kaloth, ?, ?)
    ***Unknown (?: Sarah Kerrigan, ?, ?)
    **4 protoss:
    ***Aiur (?: Aldaris, Selendis, Fenix)
    ***Unknown (?: Tassadar, Artanis, Urun)
    ***Shakuras (?: Zeratul, Mohandar, Raszagal)
    ***Zhakul'das (Tal'Darim: Ulrezaj, Lhassir, Maar)

    I would love having some opinion on the general layout of everything. Suggestions to include planets or heroes are welcomed.

    So far, my major planets are:
    *First column: Zhakul'das, Shakuras, Braxis, Char, Moria, Deadman's Port
    *Second column: ? , Umoja, Korhal, Tarsonis, ?, Zerus
    *Third column: ?, Aiur, Chau Sara, Mar Sara, ?, ?

    Minor ones are still too unstable, and can change drastically depending on major planets.

    SCLegacy is probably the best place to discuss StarCraft lore. I would welcome any help/suggestions/opinions/criticsm on making the planet and faction layouts be as most perfect as possible, as well as pretty much anything else, even gameplay.

    Note that both Umoja and the UED are not playable. Umoja will be neutral, and the UED will probably get merged with Moria. I don't want to add them as playable because 12 players are already a lot.

    I'm a product of your collective imagination and, therefore, I do not assume responsibility of anything I don't want to assume responsibility of.

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    Default Re: My new custom altered melee map project: Koprulu Sector (need lore help)

    I have actually been thinking about doing something along these lines myself. My inspiration was the World of Warcraft strategy maps that they had in Warcraft 3.

    My thoughts are
    1. What time are you picking as the start point in the map? for example if you are trying to do the start of starcraft I then Sarah Kerrigan obviously can not be zerg.
    This lends to the style of triggers used in the aforementioned WoW map, where big changes occurred depending on what happened. So you could have a trigger where Sarah dies and then the zerg immediately get her as the queen of blades. Heck you could even have another trigger for later converting her back as per the events of sc2.

    2. How are you going to handle ships? The layout of the map and the space lane idea all appears to be ground unit centric. Drop ships/warp prisms/overlords would bypass all that and the map would probably turn into 'how many BCs/Carriers/Broodlords and Corrupters' can I make? with the ground units being at a disadvantage in ability to move around quick and to mass into a small area. My own thoughts were to try to make capitol ships function like naval units in that they can not enter the space covered by land. Lore wise this is dubious though... The other point is to make anti air stronger, giving it an area effect attack, or just plain raise all its stats. The ideal lore position here appears to be a balance of ships with necessary ground forces and ships to transport them in order to take over territory.

    Those are my initial thoughts.

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    Default Re: My new custom altered melee map project: Koprulu Sector (need lore help)

    Yeah, I loved the epic Warcraft III maps where you fought across all of Azeroth and Outland. I started to make one years ago, but after I finished the terrain, the W3 limits on units and doodads screwed most of my plans.

    1) I forgot to say, but the starting point is just after Chau Sara was burned to the ground by the protoss. Pretty much the beginning of SC1. I don't like heroes changing player, I experimented with that with Arthas and Sylvanas in my W3 map, and I ended up making them not change faction, transforming the race of his owner instead. For Kerrigan I'm planning on making her lead a group of infestable terran or just some psi-enslaved zergs. It's one of the most complicated things faction-wise, together with how to handle the UED.

    2) Air will be x2 expensiver, and planets will have special turrets that will try to balance that out. Transport ships will be stronger, too, so they don't die with a few shoots, and they'll drop units if they're destroyed. The lanes are there to make travelling longer, and to avoid close positions. Transports won't bypass that in any way without conquering planets in the middle or cleaning the rocks; and yes, planets will be defended, especially those between two major player starting locations. Players will start with some premade buildings, but they won't be able to start conquering stuff before the first 5 minutes. Air will be able to enter planets, but only at defined points. The borders of the planets will have air blockade, as shown in the pathing image in my imgur gallery.

    I hope I cleared those out .

    I'm a product of your collective imagination and, therefore, I do not assume responsibility of anything I don't want to assume responsibility of.

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