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Thread: Patch #10 - Undo Progress

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    Default Patch #10 - Undo Progress

    Hey everyone,

    We will be bringing the beta down at 2:00 p.m. PST this afternoon to make the balance changes listed below. Thanks again for all the great feedback you've provided while testing Heart of the Swarm. We hope to see you testing these changes and sharing your input soon!


    - Caduceus Reactor: upgrade now requires a Fusion Core before research can begin.

    Widow Mine
    - Sentinel Missiles: Primary target damage reduced from 160 to 125.


    - Blink: Research time increased from 140 to 170 seconds.


    -Fungal Growth: Range increased from 8 to 10. Missile speed increased from 10 to 15.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Kim
    We've been planning a few more balance tweaks before the holidays. And a few things we're trying to focus on are:

    1. Lowering Widow Mine single target damage

    We feel Widow Mines create a lot of positional play and also provides a more mobile splash option in the late game. Widow Mines 1 shotting key units such as Banshees in the early mid game we feel can be addressed without hurting the main strengths of the unit.

    2. Improving fungal.

    We feel the initial nerfs to Fungal Growth were too much especially in ZvZ. We've been taking a closer look at the range and missile speed of Fungal.

    3. New Medivac strength

    Adding two new abilities around the same tech level for the Medivac wasn't a good idea. We want to try to push the heal ability to later stages of the game when more splash damage units come into play.

    We're also hearing your feedback on units like Widow Mines, Swarm Hosts, and Oracles. We're getting a lot of completely opposite feedback on the new units, and think this is because of the learning curve required to use and fight against these new options.

    Please try to playtest more with that in mind and we are also trying our best to continue playing with them as much as possible to get a better understanding of the new meta game in HotS. As always, thank you for your help.
    Whats the saying? 1 step forward, 2 steps back? Buff Fungal Growth 2 weeks after you nerfed it to standing ovation. Dipshits.

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    Default Re: Patch #10 - Undo Progress

    Hah. You are silly, DemolitionSquid. All those bombs I exploded you with must have shaken your reason.

    Projectile, 10 range fungal is weaker than instant, 9 range fungal. So it is a nerf compared to WoL anyway.

    Because 15 speed isn't instant, the more distant you are from the target the bigger its chance to avoid the attack, willingly or by accident.

    People pointed out that with range 8, HT were safe to Feedback infestors. Now it isn't a that safe move anymore, but it is still safer than 9 range instant fungal, and adds the a fun micro battle between the unavoidable 9 range Feedback and hte avoidable 10 range fungal.

    Extra info: speedlings have 4,7 speed. Speedlings on creep have 6,1. So 10 speed is pretty low, and 15 speed isn't that much.

    The fact that I'm a bronzie who haven't tested this change yet shouldn't matter.

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    Default Re: Patch #10 - Undo Progress

    Seems like an alright patch. I was confused about the fungal growth one, but TcheQuevara makes some good points.
    The one i'm interested in is the Blink change. I can understand the PvP match up concern, but i'm more worried about the balance between the Medivac and blink stalkers.

    Right now, a Protoss' defense to drops is usually Blink and/or extra warp gates. I'm interested to see how slowing down Blink, will effect the balance. Especially with that lame ass speed boost.

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    Default Re: Patch #10 - Undo Progress

    The poblem in HotS with Blink is that the Mothership Core allows Stalkers to blink to the high ground in a much earlier phase of the game. This kills FE players.

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    Default Re: Patch #10 - Undo Progress

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Blade View Post
    The poblem in HotS with Blink is that the Mothership Core allows Stalkers to blink to the high ground in a much earlier phase of the game. This kills FE players.
    Ya, I understand the change...just not the side effects vs. other races. Like the mentioned TvP match up. Oh well, I'm sure it'll all even out in the end.

    Also I would love to see an ability for Protoss that temporarily removes a single units upgrades. On the Oracle for instance (replacing that lame spotter spell). PvP match up really hasn't changed all too much from WoL, in the sense that it's still Colossi vs Colossi most of the time. Booooooring.
    The Tempest was a nice counter at one point. But then they re-introduced the need for the Fleet Beacon, which has pushed them back out of favour again.
    So it'd be nice to have that ability so that if you do go stargate tech, you can counter Colossi earlier on by negating their thermal lance upgrade. Or at least of few of them.

    The ability could also be used on other units as well, like siege mode on siege tanks. Or Chitinous Plating on Ultralisks..... Or Stim on a marine if you really really wanted to...

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    Default Re: Patch #10 - Undo Progress

    I've just got into the beta...but so far I've this much to say

    the new oracle; its really easy to counter the worker harass, but the time warp is really useful for fighting against bioballs in conjunction with high templar

    protoss can still get royally screwed in between tier 2 and 3

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    Default Re: Patch #10 - Undo Progress

    I've been too caught up in Skyrim and Katawa Shoujo to even play the beta.

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    Default Re: Patch #10 - Undo Progress

    It's hard basing your decisions on statistics and reason. You get whiny malcontents like Squibb all over your internet.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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